Adhesive Tape Solutions

Adhesive Applications

Adhesive tape solutions designed to add value to assembly and manufacturing processes

We have extensive experience in delivering added value adhesive tape solutions to manufacturing industries by combining high-performance adhesive tape with innovative conversion techniques for a broad spectrum of adhesive applications.

Pressure-sensitive double-sided adhesive tape provides a fast and easy alternative to liquid adhesive or mechanical fastening systems. Clean and economical to use with no drying time, the consistent adhesive layer spreads stress evenly providing reliable holding power.

Bespoke Adhesive Tape Solutions

For Manufacturing Industries

Foil Tape Tecman Diecut 2020 008

Innovative Conversion Techniques

Using advanced product design and conversion techniques, including multi-layer lamination and die-cutting, our Advanced Material Engineers tailor adhesive tape solutions to our customers’ specific needs using customised liner configurations and presentation styles.

Technical Knowledge & Support

By drawing on our technical knowledge, experience and global resources, we work alongside our clients' design teams to develop the most suitable bonding solution.

No matter what the industry sector is, or what the application involves, we have the experience, materials and technology to offer a solution that perfectly fits the application.

Grey Auto Tape

Adhesive Tapes

Grey Auto Tape

Transfer Tape

Double sided adhesive transfer tapes provide a layer of adhesive supported on a paper liner. Applications range from print finishing and graphics through to the manufacture of RFI and EMI shielding components using electrically conductive adhesive transfer tape.

Tissue Tape

Double sided tissue tapes for a range of applications from print finishing to mounting graphics and signage. Tissue tapes are available in a range of formats including rolls, sheets, and die-cut shapes.

Film Tape

Double sided film tapes are made by coating a film carrier on both sides with adhesive, available as rolls, sheets, pads and die-cut components. Film tapes are used across a wide range of applications including extreme conditions and bonding LSE substrates.

Foam Tape

Double sided foam tapes provide a layer of adhesive on both sides of a foam carrier. Ideal for bonding textured, rough and irregular surfaces, foam tapes are used throughout manufacturing industries, including specialist applications such as low temperature bonding.

Acrylic Foam Tape

Double sided heavy-duty acrylic foam tapes with a very high bond performance. Acrylic foam tapes are the preferred choice of design engineers and often used to replace mechanical fastening systems such as spot welds, rivets, screws, bolts and clips.

Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape

A series of heavy-duty automotive grade acrylic foam tapes with a very high bond performance used extensively by automotive OEMs, designed for exterior attachment part mounting and able to sustain extreme low temperatures.


DAAT® technology incorporates the benefits of conventional adhesive tape with the performance of structural epoxy adhesive, creating a superior dual-action structural bonding tape that outperforms many liquid epoxy adhesives in the same classification, providing a cured shear adhesion up to 39.8 MPa.

Industry Specific Solutions

We are advanced material engineers

With a focus on aiding application, increasing productivity and reducing costs, the efficacy of our self-adhesive bonding solutions is rooted in our high performance adhesive tapes, intelligent conversion techniques, engineering knowledge and long-term experience.

Product Catalogue

Advanced Materials

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Request a Product Catalogue for our full range of adhesive tapes and further details about our intelligent conversion techniques for developing bespoke bonding solutions.

Our core capabilities

The backbone of our organisation

  • Bonding Material

    Material Selections

    We specialise in understanding the science behind advanced materials in order to make careful selections based on the bespoke requirements of our clients' project or application.

  • Value Added Solutions

    Value added solutions

    Through careful consideration of what the end application needs to achieve, we develop solutions designed to enhance the application process and reduce the overall cost of finished parts.

  • Die Cutting

    Die Cutting

    In-house conversion facility includes high-speed rotary die-cutting equipment with innovative capabilities and flatbed presses enabling unlimited flexibility to convert nearly all our advanced materials into precision components

  • Slitting Rewinding

    Slitting & Rewinding

    Lathe slitting and the slit and rewind of materials are a fundamental process in our conversation facility. The materials and their characteristics are carefully analysed before the most suitable method is chosen.

  • Multi Layer Lamination

    Multi-Layer Lamination

    Advanced multi-layer laminating facilities are used for both material preparation and final product manufacture, enabling the formulation of products that are outside of any standard product range, including coating customer supplied material with PSA.

  • Ico Transfer

    Application & Assembly Support

    As part of our value-add solutions, we develop assembly aids and equipment to assist in the precise application of components and increase productivity during the assembly processes.

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