Multi-Layer Lamination

Advanced multiple material lamination facilities used for material preparation and final product manufacture. Multi-layer lamination enables the formulation of products outside of any standard product range, including coating customer supplied material with PSA.

advanced die cut multi layer lamination techniques


multiple material lamination

At our UK conversion facility we combine multi-layer lamination techniques with innovative die-cutting processes. This enables unrestricted design capabilities, removes limitations and supports engineering creativity.

  • Ability to laminate up to 1600mm width and up to six different material layers in one pass
  • Specialised in the lamination of a wide range of advanced materials, including films, foils, foam and nonwoven materials
  • Zone lamination provides the facility to create specific areas of adhesive on materials, often used to improve the handling of components during application and placement.


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Lamination Parameters

die cut multi layer lamination Parameters

  • Bonding Material

    Wide Width Lamination

    1600mm max. log size

    500mm max. roll diameter

    10m+ run quality

    500mm max.rewind diameter

    Up to 3 layers in one pass

  • Ico Transfer

    Narrow Width Laminating

    500mm max. log width

    500mm max. roll diameter

    10m+ run quality

    500mm max.rewind diameter

    Up to 6 layers in one pass

  • Plus

    Zone Laminating

    1600mm max. log width

    100m+ run quality

    500mm max.rewind diameter

    Up to 3 layers in one pass

    Min. zone width of 2mm

    Max. zone width of 1600mm

Multi-layered Components

The Development of multi-layer laminated Die Cuts

Material Selector Layers Resized

Laminating & Die-Cutting

Our multi-layer lamination and die-cutting process provides Design Engineers with unrestricted design capabilities by removing limitations and supporting engineering creativity.

Multi-layer Lamination

Using multi-layer lamination and innovative conversion techniques, we create multi-layered parts with up to 5 layers to the exact drawings specified by Design Engineers.

Innovative Die-cutting Techniques

Precision die-cut parts are produced to specific requirements providing endless possibilities, including self-adhesive parts designed to maximise surface contact of thermal pads to components and heat sinks.

Optimised Solutions

The final part is formatted to optimise the application. Using this strategic approach ensure overall costs and wastage are reduced during the assembly process.

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