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Unlock electric mobility performance & innovation with superior thermal & electrical management solutions

Increasingly sophisticated vehicle electronics need leading-edge materials to meet complex application requirements. We have years of experience in solving thermal management and electrical management challenges across multiple industries, designing and manufacturing millions of engineered components to exceed customer expectations.

Increasingly sophisticated vehicle electronics need leading edge materials to meet complex application requirements. We have years of experience in solving thermal management and electrical management challenges across multiple industries, designing and manufacturing millions of engineered components to exceed customer expectations.

With a focus on improving safety and performance whilst extending battery cell life, we have some of the most effective solutions available for EV battery pack thermal management, and electrical conducting and insulating. 

EV and battery system solutions

automotive thermal & electrical management

  • Improve Service Battery Life Square

    Advanced thermal runaway barriers

    Anti-thermal propagation (ATP) pads are an advanced thermal cell barrier for EV battery packs to provide thermal management between battery cells. A combination of ultra-lightweight insulation material, encapsulation films and built-in spacers prevent thermal propagation and optimise cell performance.

    - Framed ATP pads for prismatic cells

    - Encapsulated Fibre ATP Pads for pouch cells

    - Layered Fibre ATP Pads for cylindrical cells

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  • Protect From Thermal Shock Square

    Thermal Management in Battery Packs

    Developed in collaboration with engineering teams worldwide, our thermal management solutions for EV battery packs are meticulously engineered to optimise performance, unlock untapped potential, and mitigate risks. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we ensure that our solutions meet the evolving demands of EV's while prioritising efficiency, safety, and reliability.

    - Battery lid thermal protection

    - Battery cell wrapping

    - Mounting heating plate films

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  • Electronics

    Thermal Management in Electronic Components

    Very high performance thermally conductive foam tapes provide superior transfer of heat from component to heat sink. A conformable carrier improves surface contact and replaces the need for thermal grease and
    mechanical fixtures, reducing weight and costs.

    - High-density electronic component clusters

    - High energy units Cooling fans to heat dissipation materials

    -Components to heat sinks

    - Compact battery management

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  • Electronics

    EMI/EMC/RFI Shielding

    Shielding components that combine conductive adhesives with super conductive substrates, such as metallic foils and electrically conductive foams, silicones and woven fabrics.

    - EMI materials

    - EMI gaskets

    - RFI gaskets

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  • Ico Transfer

    Thermal Interface materials

    Thermal transfer solutions using thermal interface materials (TIM's) supplied as die-cut pads or liquid systems. Highly conductive products provide a thermal transfer path between components.

    - TIM's die-cut pads

    - TIM's liquid systems

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  • Automotive Exterior

    Lidar and Radar

    Bespoke bonding and sealing solutions for ADAS applications.

    - Sensor bracket mounting

    - FPC/PCB mounting

    - Heater/absorber mounting

    - Debondable mounting

    - Box sealing

    - Antenna mounting

    - Light blocking

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  • Automotive Interior

    In-car infotainment systems

    Next generation advanced materials available in bespoke die-cut formats for improved performance.

    - Bonding tabs & pads

    - Cushioning parts

    - Display enhancement & protection

    - Earth-grounding components

    - Thermal management materials.

  • Electronics


    Available in various formats for specialist electrical applications, including flexible circuits for fine pitch and high density applications. Materials include foils, polyimide films, and electrically conductive adhesive tape.

    - Bus bars

    - Earth connectors

    - Flexible circuits

    - Solderless connections for flex to PCB

Why Tecman

Trusted engineering & manufacturing partner

   thermal management expertise

Tecman has a proven track record and expertise in thermal management solutions working with OEM’s and suppliers across the globe. Our experience in this critical area of EV battery projects ensures efficient heat dissipation, contributing to the overall performance and longevity of electric vehicle systems.

  Trusted end-to-end Partner

We are an end-to-end engineering and manufacturing partner. This integrated approach allows for seamless collaboration throughout the entire EV battery development process, from concept to production, streamlining project timelines and ensuring consistent quality.

   Certification & Quality

Our facility in Leamington Spa, UK, holds IATF 16949:2016 certification. This certification underscores our commitment to meeting automotive industry standards, ensuring that products and solutions are aligned with rigorous quality requirements. With robust systems encompassing APQP, NPI, Engineering Change Control, and Six Sigma, we ensure the highest standards at every stage of your project.

   optimised solutions

We focus on developing solutions that enhance manufacturing and assembly processes, contributing to increased efficiency and reduced overall costs. This emphasis on cost-effectiveness, without compromising quality, aligns with the automotive industry's need for competitive solutions in the rapidly evolving EV market.

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contact an expert about your automotive application

We collaborate closely with our customers, gaining in-depth insights into specific project requirements. This collaborative approach enables customised solutions that meet the unique requirements and objectives of each EV battery project.

By combining innovative conversion techniques with high-performance advanced materials our solutions improve overall performance which is critical for the evolving demands of EV's.

Contact our experts to explore how Tecman's advanced solutions for automotive thermal and electrical management can enhance your application by delivering improved performance and overall cost savings.

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case study in action

Preventing Thermal Runaway in Electric Vehicle Battery Packs

Tecman Framed ATP Pad - Thermal Cell Barrier 2


Develop a single manufacturing process for an anti-thermal propagation solution to optimise space between cells and control expansion and contraction to improve cell life and performance.


A highly efficient compact manufacturing process suitable for integrating into existing production facilities, manufacturing Framed ATP Pads in one continuous production run without the requirement of a 3rd party converter.


Cost-efficient manufacture of 36 million Framed ATP Pads per year at close proximity to battery assembly plant or at customers' own facility. Superior anti-thermal propagation using advanced technology improves safety and increases cell life.


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industry expertise & innovation

Thermal & electrical management for E-mobility

Tecman's thermal and electrical management solutions for EV battery systems are innovative engineered solutions that utilise advanced materials with thermodynamic and heat transfer properties.

With years of experience addressing the challenges of thermal management across various industries, we have designed and manufactured millions of thermal and electrical management components that are intelligently engineered to meet customer specifications.

Our extensive industry knowledge and expertise in advanced materials and technologies enable us to develop solutions capable of addressing thermal challenges faced by the EV battery sector.

We have a proven track record of delivering value-added solutions to our customers, including automotive OEMs and tier 1 suppliers. By combining our experience and advanced knowledge with a collaborative problem-solving approach, we consistently achieve success.

Our technical team is dedicated to providing support and expertise in material selection and engineering, facilitating superior electric vehicle and battery system development.

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Customised Innovation

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Here’s an overview video of our superior thermal management solutions in advanced battery development:

Thermal Management

Guide to thermal management for battery development

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