E-mobility Thermal Management Solutions

Unlock electric mobility performance & innovation with forward thinking thermal management solutions

Within the ever-evolving and dynamic e-mobility sector, Tecman is a trusted and reliable partner to unlock innovation with knowledge of advanced thermal management solutions, bonding adhesives and electrical management solutions for electric vehicles and EV battery development.

Value add components for E-mobility

Combining industry experience and innovation

Thermal management & bonding adhesives for E-mobility

We have experience across a wide range of industries, including the consumer electronics industry, where our solutions have been honed and finetuned through use in billions of devices.

Our multi-industry expertise results in an advanced knowledge of cutting-edge materials and technologies that have the potential to solve a lot of challenges that electric vehicle and battery engineers face today.

We have a track record of delivering intelligent value add solutions to our customers, many of which are automotive OEMs, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, by combining this experience and advanced knowledge with a collaborative approach to problem solving.

Our technical team are here to support and facilitate with knowledge, skills and expertise in material selection and engineering to help design engineers achieve forward thinking solutions for electric vehicle and battery system development.

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Customised innovation

Advanced technical solutions for e-mobility

Thermal Management and Bonding Solutions

For Electric vehicle and battery systems

  • Termal B

    Thermal Management

    Thermally conductive very high bond adhesive tapes for EV battery management provide superior transfer of heat from component to heat sink.

  • Electronics

    Protection & Insulation between Battery Cells

    Solutions to contain thermal propagation between cells in EV Battery packs.

  • Bonding Material

    EV Battery Pack Bonding

    Adhesive solutions for thermal management, electrical insulation, mounting of EV battery parts as well as protection against thermal propagation.

  • Ico Smooth Adhesive

    Battery cell wrapping

    Wrapping of prismatic battery cells and covering of metal parts for electrical insulation in EV batteries and power electronic parts.

  • Die Cutting

    Mounting Heating Plate Films

    Mounting and lamination applications in EV Batteries.

  • Thermal W

    Cooling Plate Insulation

    Mounting & gap filling of cooling plates in EV batteries and power electronic devices.

Technical solutions

Capabilities & Intelligent Conversion for E-mobility

Material Selector Layers Resized


Our multi-layer lamination and die-cutting processes provides
e-mobility Design Engineers with unrestricted design capabilities by removing limitations and supporting engineering creativity.


Every solution is continually reviewed for opportunities to innovate and enhance to ensure overall costs and wastage are reduced.


We specialise in understanding the science behind advanced materials to make careful selections based on the bespoke requirements of our electric vehicle partners.


As part of our value-add solution, we develop assembly aids and equipment to assist in the precise application of manufactured thermally conductive adhesive components for EV battery packs to increase productivity during the assembly process.

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Grey Auto Tape

Products & Materials

Grey Auto Tape

Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tapes

A range of thermal transmission grade acrylic foam tapes precisely formulated to provide semi-structural bonds within EV powertrains and between battery cells whilst aiding thermal transmission.

Thermal Management Double Sided Foils

Double sided thermally conductive foil tapes with a copper or PET/aluminium carrier coated on both sides with an acrylic adhesive or a thermally conductive adhesive.

Thermal & Electrical Management Foils

Thermally conductive foil tapes with high grade copper and aluminium foils coated with high performance graphite and nickel conductive adhesives.

Thermal Management Graphite Films

Thermal management natural and synthetic graphite materials can be converted into complex die-cut parts to provide thermal interface and bonding properties; reducing hot spots and protecting EV battery systems.

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Intelligent solutions for electric vehicle and battery development

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