Thermal Management

Thermal & Electrical Management Applications

Advanced thermal management solutions using high performance materials

Tecman is a leading converter of advanced materials for thermal management solutions with over 25 years’ experience in delivering bespoke thermal and electrical management solutions intelligently configured to meet specific requirements of design engineers.

Our advanced thermal and electrical management materials include natural and synthetic graphite materials, conductive foils, and high-performance thermal and electrically conductive adhesive tapes. By combining these advanced materials with intelligent conversion techniques, we deliver sophisticated thermal management solutions designed to optimise the application.

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Component Breakdown

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Multi-layer Lamination and Die-Cutting

Our multi-layer lamination and die cutting process provides Design Engineers with unrestricted design capabilities by removing limitations and supporting engineering creativity.

Multi-layer Lamination

Using multi-layer lamination and innovative conversion techniques, we create multi-layered parts with up to 6 layers to the exact drawings specified by Design Engineers.

Innovative Die-cutting Techniques

Precision die-cut parts are produced to specific requirements providing endless possibilities, including self-adhesive parts designed to maximise surface contact of thermal pads to components to heat sinks. 

Optimised Solutions

The final part is formatted to optimise the application. Using this strategic approach ensure overall costs and wastage are reduced during the assembly process.

Bespoke thermal management solutions

Unrestricted design capabilities

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Complex die-cut parts

Our leading-edge materials can be converted into complex die-cut shapes, pads, rolls or sheets to provide thermal interface and bonding properties, reducing hot spots and protecting sensitive components.

Material Research & development

The product range has been developed to meet the increasing demand for thermal management solutions due to the rapid growth in electronics and battery development.

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Advanced Materials

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Thermal cell barrier with built-in spacer

The Framed Anti-thermal Propagation (ATP) Pad is an advanced thermal cell barrier that incorporates a physical built-in spacer surrounding the thermal insulation pad, providing optimal space between battery cells and enabling the mechanical properties of the insulation material to absorb cell expansion.

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Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tapes

A range of thermal transmission grade acrylic foam tapes precisely formulated to provide semi-structural bonds on various substrates whilst aiding thermal transmission.

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Thermal & Electrical Management Foils

Thermally conductive adhesive backed metallic foil tapes using aluminium, copper, embossed and tinned copper. Combine high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity to provide excellent thermal spread properties reducing hot-spots and transferring thermal energy.

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Thermal Management Graphite Films

Thermal management natural and synthetic graphite materials can be converted into complex die-cut parts to provide thermal interface and bonding properties; reducing hot spots and protecting sensitive components.

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Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)

We work with Sekisui thermal interface materials to develop advanced thermal transfer solutions supplied as die-cut pads or liquid systems. These highly conductive pads and liquid products are used in Li-ion battery systems for superior transfer of thermal energy between cells, components and thermal management units.

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Specialist Thermal Insulation Materials

Ultra-lightweight insulation materials with the highest thermal insulation to weight value of any material. The most effective material for the prevention of thermal propagation in a thermal runaway event. Anti-thermal propagation technology used within ATP pads for superior thermal insulation between cells.

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Guide to Thermal Management for Battery Development

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Services & Capabilities

Leading adhesive tape converter & end-to-end manufacturing partner

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We support our customers through every stage of the engineering and manufacturing process, from initial concept and material selection through to delivery of an optimised cost-effective solution designed for high-volume manufacture.

  • Material Selection & Validation
  • Design & Engineering Support
  • CAD
  • Laser Cutting
  • Prototyping
  • Assembly
  • Slitting & Rewinding
  • Multi-layer Lamination
  • Advanced Die Cutting
  • Surface Treatment & Embossing
  • Sheeting & Guillotining
  • Bespoke Process & Production Lines
  • Applications Systems Support

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Industry Specific Solutions

We are advanced material engineers

Tecman's advanced thermal graphite's, foils and tapes are used throughout manufacturing industries that require superior levels of thermal management.

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