CAD is an indispensable tool at Tecman that enhances design efficiency, accuracy, collaboration, and innovation while contributing to overall product quality and competitiveness.

computer-aided design

Benefits of in-house CAD capabilities

Our in-house computer-aided design (CAD) capability offers numerous benefits for our customers, including creating initial concepts, rendered images, fully dimensioned technical drawings with manufacturing tolerances, SC’s (Special Characteristics) and CC’s (Critical Characteristics) all clearly identified.

FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) can be used to assess stresses and potential failure points within a design.

CAD Computer aided design

Key Benefits of CAD

  • Creating detailed 2D and 3D visualizations of drawings and products. This enables stakeholders to clearly understand the design intent and visualize the final product.
  • Facilitates effective communication between team members, suppliers, and clients, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring alignment.
  • Enables rapid design iterations and modifications. Changes can be made quickly and efficiently, helping to refine designs and respond to evolving requirements or feedback.
  • Precision in measurements and dimensions, reducing errors associated with manual drafting and improving the overall accuracy of designs.
  • Identification of Special Characteristics and Critical Characteristics helps to align design and manufacturing processes.
  • Collaborative work among multidisciplinary teams. Designers, engineers, and other stakeholders can work simultaneously on different aspects of the design.


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