Advanced thermal runaway barriers

Extend battery cell life, optimise performance, and improve safety

Effective thermal runaway barriers are essential for optimising cell performance, longevity, and safety of battery packs.

Our OEM-approved thermal cell barriers are a breakthrough in anti-thermal propagation technology for prismatic, pouch, and cylindrical cells. The thermal runaway barriers address persistent industry challenges while reducing overall costs without compromising quality.

Developed at our IATF-certified facility in collaboration with leading automotive OEMs, our solution is used across electric vehicle ranges, providing a superior thermal propagation delay of over 20 minutes.

anti-thermal propagation technology

Advanced thermal runaway barriers for battery packs

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Our ground-breaking thermal runaway barriers, known as Anti-thermal Propagation (ATP) Pads, incorporate innovative features designed to optimise both the performance and lifespan of the cell and improve the overall safety of the battery pack.

Available for prismatic, pouch, and cylindrical cells, our advanced thermal cell barriers prevent or delay thermal propagation from a thermal runaway event.

ATP Pads can be customised for specific requirements and manufactured using an industry-leading all-in-one process, eliminating third-party pre-conversion for efficient, high-volume manufacturing. This approach not only streamlines production, but also reduces costs without compromising quality while supporting sustainability goals by reducing manufacturing and transportation emissions.

Pouch Cell Thermal Runaway Barrier

Encapsulated ATP Pads are a ground-breaking anti-thermal propagation technology for pouch cells. Using a combination of lightweight material technology and specialist encapsulation films these solutions prevent thermal propagation from a thermal runaway event.


Pouch cell thermal runaway barrier


Encapsulated ATP Pad for Pouch cells

Prismatic Cell Thermal Runaway Barrier

Framed ATP Pads are ground-breaking anti-thermal propagation technology with built-in spacers for prismatic cells. Using a combination of lightweight material and cell-spacer technology these solutions prevent thermal propagation from a thermal runaway event.


prismatic cell thermal runaway barrier

Prismatic cell thermal runaway barrier

Cylindrical Cell Thermal Runaway

ATP solutions for cylindrical cells are a ground-breaking anti-thermal propagation technology. Lightweight insulation materials provide excellent passive protection and compression optimisation.


Advanced thermal insulation materials

Cylindrical cell thermal runaway solution

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For preventing cell-to-cell thermal propagation

  • Value Added Solutions

    Improved Performance

    Framed ATP Pad technology optimises thermal management in EV battery packs, ensuring improved performance, safety, and longevity of battery cells.

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    Enhanced Safety

    Minimise thermal runaway risk in EV battery packs. The advanced thermal cell barriers delay thermal propagation from a thermal runaway event by over 20 minutes,  enhancing safety and engineer confidence.

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    Streamlined Production

    Our solution eliminates the need for third-party pre-conversion, simplifying supply chain and manufacturing processes while reducing production costs.

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    Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

    We proactively manage supply chain risk through robust processes and strong relationships. Our IATF-certified solutions minimise disruption, supporting continuous production and supply chain stability.

  • Partnership

    Strategic Partnership

    Tecman build lasting partnerships through collaboration, transparency, and reliability, offering tailored solutions to meet financial objectives and ensure supply chain resilience.

  • Sustainability

    lean costs & Sustainability

    By streamlining processes and minimising manufacturing and transportation emissions, our technology optimises production and reduces costs. Additionally, it aligns with carbon-reduction targets, contributing to sustainability efforts.

thermal runaway barrier

multiple benefits of advanced thermal cell barriers

Multiple functions

  • Critical in preventing heat from a cell in a thermal runaway event propagating to neighbouring cells.
  • Integrated spacer provides optimal spacing, allowing the insulation pad to provide consistent thermal insulation and effective cell wall pressure over a significantly higher number of cycles.
  • Adhesive layers on either side increase the stiffness of the pad and enhance the overall vibration and shock performance.

Streamlines Supply Chain

  • The compact production line can be integrated into existing clean manufacturing facilities.
  • Can be situated in close proximity to battery assembly plants.
  • Highly efficient manufacturing process eliminates the requirement for component parts to be pre-produced as a sub-assembly.

Fully customisable

  • ATP pads can be produced in various sizes with or without frames and in multiple material options.
  • Suitable for prismatic cells, pouch cells, cylindrical cells and solid state cells.
  • Can be used in both EV battery packs and battery storage systems.

case study in action

Delaying thermal propagation by over 20 mins in EV battery packs

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Develop a single manufacturing process for an anti-thermal propagation solution to optimise space between cells and control expansion and contraction to improve cell life and performance.


A highly efficient compact manufacturing process suitable for integrating into existing production facilities, manufacturing Framed ATP Pads in one continuous production run without the requirement of a 3rd party converter.


Cost-efficient manufacture of 36 million OEM approved Framed ATP Pads per year at close proximity to battery assembly plant or at customers' own facility. Superior anti-thermal propagation using advanced technology improves safety and increases cell life.


read the Framed ATP Pad case study

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"Tecman took on the challenge of manufacturing a complex multi-material thermal transfer product. Using innovation, engineering skills and advanced manufacturing capabilities, they took the product from drawing through feasibility and onto production level manufacturing. 

I would without hesitation recommend Tecman as a manufacturing partner, whatever challenges they face they overcome them."

Chris Hallsworth
Thermal Management Consultant


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