Bespoke Process & Production Lines

For requirements outside of Tecman's UK capabilities, we work with customers to design and engineer bespoke manufacturing processes and production lines which can be located at our customers' facilities or near OEM production facilities. These are supported by engineering services which cover commissioning, troubleshooting, processing and training. 

Bespoke Manufacturing Processes and Production Lines

We collaborate with our customers to create tailor-made manufacturing processes and production lines. This involves working closely with clients to understand their specific product requirements, production volume, quality standards, and other relevant factors.

By developing customised processes and lines, we ensure that our customers' production requirements are met, both in terms of part quality and output.

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tailored manufacturing processes

  • Collaborative partnership involving support with the design process and development of a manufacturing solution to align with customer objectives for part quality and specifications
  • Flexibility to address complex or non-standard manufacturing requirements that may not be covered by existing capabilities
  • Scalability to accommodate changing production demands, helping customers adapt to evolving market conditions
  • Location flexibility as our approach extends beyond our own facilities to offer the option of bespoke manufacturing processes and lines either at our customers' facilities or in close proximity to OEM production sites. This approach ensures that the manufacturing solutions are integrated seamlessly into the existing production ecosystem
  • Reduced logistics by locating production lines at or near customer sites can help minimise logistical complexities associated with transporting materials and finished products

engineering service support

Tecman not only design and engineer manufacturing solutions, we also provide engineering service support to ensure the successful implementation and operation of these solutions.

Our bespoke collaborative approach involves customisation and comprehensive support. By working closely with our customers, we are able to engineer tailored processes and production lines and provide ongoing service support.

We aim to deliver manufacturing solutions that align perfectly with our customers' needs:

  • Process optimisation to help fine-tune the manufacturing processes for optimal efficiency and quality
  • Operator training to ensure that production teams are skilled in using and maintaining the newly designed processes and equipment
  • Continuous improvement including ongoing assistance to address any challenges that may arise during production and to continuously improve processes as needed

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