Slitting & Rewinding

Lathe slitting and slit and rewind capabilities are processes used in our pre-production material preparation. These processes involve cutting large rolls of material into smaller rolls, which are then used as infeed rolls for the downstream processes.

These capabilities are essential for achieving the desired dimensions, quality, and format of materials before they enter the production phase.

Lathe slitting & the slit & rewind of materials

Lathe slitting and the slit and rewind of materials are a fundamental process at our conversion facility. Materials and material characteristics are carefully analysed before the most suitable method is chosen.

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flexible custom sized rolls

The method of lathe slitting material is fast and accurate allowing flexible, bespoke sized rolls. Slitting speeds of up to 30 rolls per minute can be achieved providing the flexibility to process all requirements.

Using the slit and rewind method gives us the ability to process very large quantities of material to a high degree of accuracy and into larger infeed rolls.

Our lathe slitting and slit and rewind capabilities are critical steps in the pre-production phase, enabling the preparation of advanced materials to required dimensions and formats.


high quality & efficient

These processes offer customisation, quality control, and increased efficiency, all of which contribute to smoother production processes and high-quality end products.



Processes & parameters

  • Clip Board

    Pre-production Processes

    Unwinding materials

    Slitting materials

    Trim removal

    Rewinding materials

  • Slitting Rewinding

    Lathe Slitting parameters

    Up to 1600mm log width

    Min. slit width of 2mm

    Up to 350mm roll diameter

  • Surface Protection

    Slit & Rewind parameters

    Up to 1600mm log width

    Min. slit width of 25mm

    Max. unwind of 1100mm

    Max. rewind of 700mm

Slitting & Rewinding Adhesive Tape & Advanced Materials

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