Material Selection & Validation

With a myriad of complex materials available in the market and the often critical nature they serve, material selection can be a perplexing exercise. As advanced material engineers with over 25 years of product and application knowledge, we support our customers’ through every stage of their project; starting with material selection.

Material Selection

Adhesive Technology & Material Selection Process

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We understand Material science

We specialise in understanding the science behind advanced materials in order to make careful selections based on the bespoke requirements of our client’s project or application.

  • A wide network of carefully selected supply partners across our Core Product Groups
  • A deep understanding of the science behind our advanced materials
  • Engineering knowledge and insight into our customers processes
  • Extensive experience within industry applications

By taking ownership of the complex material selection process, we provide confidence that the materials are selected by professional Advanced Material Engineers, whilst freeing up our client's valuable time.

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Advanced Materials

Tecman Material Selection & Validation Service

Tecman Cat 2017 061

Advanced Materials

Tecman Cat 2017 061

Adhesive Tape

Tecman are at the forefront of adhesive tape development, manufacturing next-generation PSA tape and partnered with global manufacturers. Through these partnerships, we have access to the most advanced adhesive tape technology, covering the widest range of applications and providing the highest level of performance and quality.

Adhesive tapes are available in various formats, including rolls, sheets, pads, and die-cut components. Our in-house conversion facility has the flexibility to convert nearly all our products into tailored self-adhesive solutions for specific applications and projects.

Surface protection

Tecman’s surface protection and masking solutions support global manufacturers across demanding industries including automotive and transportation, electronics, and the renewable energy sector. By leveraging advancements in technology and conversion capabilities, our solutions go beyond expectations resulting in increased assembly efficiency and minimal overall cost.

Available in a range of formats, including rolls, sheets, and die-cuts, we have the flexibility to convert nearly all our products into bespoke self-adhesive components for specific applications.

Foam and Acoustic Materials

Our high-performance foam and acoustic materials are converted into components for a wide range of industries and applications, including foams for seals and gaskets through to acoustic insulation for NVH management within vehicles.

By working alongside our clients’ design teams, we develop bespoke solutions configured to optimise the application process and enhance the final product.

Thermal Management Products

Our portfolio of thermal management products includes natural and synthetic graphite's, conductive foils, and very high bond performance adhesive tapes.

Available as bespoke die-cut parts to provide thermal interface and bonding properties.

Adhesive Tape Converter

Advanced Material and Adhesive Tape Converter

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