Material Selection & Validation

Material selection and validation are crucial processes in engineering, manufacturing, and product development. These processes involve research and development of advanced materials for a specific application, ensuring that they meet the required performance criteria, and verifying their suitability through testing and analysis.

Advanced Material R&D

Adhesive Technology & Material Selection Process

We specialise in understanding both the science behind advanced materials and the engineering challenges at hand. These key influencing factors, combined with our application expertise across multiple industries, enable intelligent material selection, which is critical for the success of the finished solution. 

Grey Auto Tape Tecman Cat 2017 054

We understand Material science

As advanced material engineers with over 25 years of product and application knowledge, we support our customers’ through every stage of their project; starting with material selection.

  • A wide network of carefully selected supply partners across our Core Product Groups
  • A deep understanding of the science behind our advanced materials
  • Engineering knowledge and insight into our customers processes
  • Extensive experience within industry applications

Our multi-industry approach allows us to leverage knowledge from various industry applications, technological advancements, and cutting-edge materials. This enables a cross-pollination of innovation when developing the most effective solutions for our customers.


material selection process

By taking ownership of the complex material selection process, we provide confidence that the materials are selected by professional Advanced Material Engineers who are experienced in leveraging the most effective technologies.

  • Requirements Identification
  • Material Screening
  • Material Property Evaluation
  • Material Compatibility
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Cost Analysis
  • Material Ranking
  • Material Selection

material validation process

Correct material selection and validation is critical for ensuring the performance, safety, and reliability of products across various industries. It requires a combination of scientific knowledge, engineering expertise, and practical testing methodologies.

  • Testing and Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Performance Testing
  • Durability and Reliability Testing
  • Failure Analysis
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Iterative Testing Process
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