Industrial Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape for Industrial Applications

A range of cloth tapes selected to meet the demands of various applications across industrial and manufacturing industries, both indoor and outdoor.

25-CL01 - Cloth Tape

An economical duct tape for general purpose and light industrial jobs. High tack adhesive offers good adhesion to rough surfaces.

25-CL02 Cloth Tape

Excellent instant stick adhesive with waterproof backing with a thicker PE coated cloth for higher tape strength.


25-CL03 - Cloth Tape

A PE-Extruded Gaffa tape with 50% higher tensile strength than our standard grade cloth tape.

25-CL04 Ultimate Strength Cloth Tape

The strongest cloth tape available, with a tensile strength is x4 higher than our standard grade cloth tape. Rayon coated cloth for added weather and water resistance.

25-CL05 High Temperature Cloth Tape

Heat resistant up to 180°C for masking applications during production of vehicles and machines. Residue free removal even after high temperatures.

25-CL07 Clear Cloth Tape

A clear transparent, PE coated cloth tape UV resistant, excellent where invisible repairs and fixing is required.

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