Structural Bonding Film & Adhesive Technology

DAAT® Structural adhesive film incorporates the benefits of conventional adhesive material with the performance of structural epoxy adhesive, creating a superior dual-action structural bonding technology that provides greater design flexibility, simplified application, and a superior cured shear adhesion of up to 39.8 Mpa.

DAAT® is available on an application specific basis, and modified to include various characteristics to meet precise design requirements, such as bonding to oiled steel or variations with no tack on one side. This level of versatility within the technology helps provide engineers with greater design flexibility.


Structural Bonding

Rapid development in adhesive tape technology is challenging the use of traditional joining methods. Our dedication to research and development has enabled Tecman to push boundaries and break new ground within adhesive tape advancements. A key part our recent development is the introduction of Dual Action Adhesive Technology (DAAT®), a structural adhesive film that outperforms many structural liquid adhesives in the same category.

High green strength enables instant adhesion between differential materials and results in simplified and accelerated manufacturing processes. The bonding area of the adhesive tape is precisely defined giving engineers the ability to specify exactly where they need adhesion. In addition, the tape maintains a constant uniform adhesive thickness.

Key Features


  • Bonding Material
    Structual Bonding Adhesive Film
  • Ico Transfer
    Incorporates benefits of adhesive tape with structural epoxy adhesive
  • Ico Smooth Adhesive
    Superior cured shear adhesion of up to 39.8 Mpa.
  • Tick
    High green strength
  • Material Selection
    Instant adhesion between differential materials
  • Plus
    precisely defined bonding area

Product Details


  • Available on an application specific basis
  • Modified to include various characteristics to meet precise design requirements
  • Version available to bond to oiled steel
  • Variations available with different tack levels, including no tack on one side
  • Aid design flexibility



Features & Benefits DAAT® TECHNOLOGY
Features Benefits
Pressure Sensitive Initial tack which increases with pressure
Simplified Application Uses tack to locate and hold components
Bonds to Oily Steel/ Dry Lube Coated Aluminium Minimal surface preparation required to achieve bond
Advanced rheology Withstands weight/force during cure
Advanced chemistry Structural adhesion achieved through temperature cure
Advanced cohesion Does not flow during cure
Low Cost Curing Cure using ambient, infrared, induction
Rapid curing Achieve structural cure within 4 minutes
Structural bond >39MPa (397.689kgs/cm2) shear adhesion
Multi materials Bonds HSS, Ali, magnesium, high-temp plastics, glass, composites
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