Sheeting & guillotining

Our automatic guillotines are versatile cutting machines that offer a toolless solution for custom cutting of adhesive and advanced materials. This enables the ability to precisely cut materials into bespoke size sheets to provide flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings.

automatic guillotines for reel-to-sheet processes

Our automatic guillotines are reel-to-sheet machines using linear slitting knives for cutting to width and vertically cutting blades to accurately cut materials to length.  This gives the ability to cut adhesive and advanced materials into bespoke size sheets without the need for specific tooling.

Tecman Feb19 002

benefits of automatic guillotines

  • Toolless Cutting: they can be programmed to cut various sizes without changing tools
  • Customisation: allows for highly customisable cutting
  • Flexibility: ability to cut different sizes without the need for tool changes
  • Time Efficiency: quick production turnaround times
  • Waste Reduction: precise cutting helps minimise waste by ensuring that the material is used efficiently
  • Accuracy: offer high cutting accuracy for achieving consistent results and maintaining product quality
  • Cost Savings: zero tooling cost, reduced setup time, less waste, and increased efficiency contribute to overall cost savings in the production process
  • Material Compatibility: these machines can handle a wide range of materials, including adhesive sheets and advanced materials like films, foils, and textiles
  • Reduced Tooling Costs: reduces the need for frequent tooling changes and associated costs
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