Foam & Acoustic Materials

Acoustic management solutions


ALFA® Ultra Light Fleece

Ultra lightweight fleece with ultra-fine fibre. A high performance acoustic absorbing fleece which is flexurally laid, providing higher performance with less weight.

ALFA® High Loft Fleece

High-loft fleece with fine fibre and excellent acoustic absorbing properties, available with single or double scrims for added stability and increased acoustic performance.

ALFA® HeavyLayer Acoustic Material

Heavylayer acoustic material with excellent sound attenuation properties. The products heavy composition provides exceptional sound deadening properties.

ALFA® Needle Punch Felt

Needle punch felt with highly configurable, lightweight, and high-performance acoustic absorbing properties. Available with various felt fibre types and a thermoformable option with adjustable fibre blends.

Poron® Foam

Excellent natural elastic memory and cushioning properties, often used in extreme cushioning and protection applications.


Economical closed cell sponge available in a wide range of densities, blends, hardness and sizes. Applications include cushioning, gaskets, seals and anti-slip pads and bases.

Semi Open Cell EPDM Foam

Semi Open Cell EPDM Foam combines the flexibility of open cell types with the excellent sealing capabilities of closed cell types (after compression).

Neoprene Foam

Resistant to sea water, oil and other alkaline/acidic substance Neoprene foam is ideal for outdoor use and applications that come into contact with salt water.

Flame Retardant Neoprene Foam

Flame Retardant Neoprene Foam is fire retardant to UL94HF1 and resistant to sea water, oil and other alkaline/acidic substances.

Natural Rubber Sponge

Natural Rubber Sponge is known as super bounce due to its very high compression recovery.


A low cost, ultralight-weight foam often used for anti-rattle and anti-squeak pads and cushioning for automotive applications.

Semi Open Cell PUPE Foam

An extremely lightweight semi-open cell PUPE foam with good acoustic and thermal properties.

Extruded Polyethylene Foam

Extruded Polyethylene Foam has anti-static properties ideal for packaging, handling, and transportation of delicate electronics.

Block Polyethylene Foam

Often used for packaging and transporting, furniture inserts, personal flotation device inserts and cushioning pads.

PVC Foam

Characteristically flexible and conformable and forms water seal at 40% compression. It's UV resistant and has excellent ageing properties.

Supported PVC Foam

A conformable foam which forms water seal under compression. Used for vibration damping and cushioning, watertight seals and intricate difficult to handle gaskets.

Silicone Foam

Provides extreme cushioning and protection, ideal for high compression gaskets and high wear cushioning.

Acoustic management solutions

Our high-quality foam and acoustic materials are converted into components for a wide range of industries and applications, including foams for seals and gaskets through to acoustic insulation for NVH management within vehicles.

By working alongside our clients’ design teams, we develop bespoke solutions configured to optimise the application process and enhance the final product.

Bespoke Acoustic Insulation Solutions

For Manufacturing Industries

innovative capabilities

Sophisticated multi-layer laminates, such as advanced scrim materials, impregnated layers, and ultra-light-weight heat reflective materials, provide a high degree of flexibility when developing bespoke acoustic management solutions to meet our clients' individual requirements.

By combining these materials with our innovative manufacturing capabilities, we produce some of the most advanced solutions for acoustic management.

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