Die-cut Paint Masking Solutions

Custom die-cut paint masking solutions for flawless results

For surface areas that need protection from paint during the manufacturing finishing process, we convert high-performance masking tape into customised, die-cut paint masking solutions.

Custom paint masking solutions are integral to achieving high-quality finishes in manufacturing and assembly processes which is why we tailor our solutions to perfectly suit specific requirements, ensuring optimal protection and accuracy.

Our strategic approach to engineering the most effective masking solution begins by understanding the unique challenges and individual requirements of the application before creating a custom paint masking solution that provides easy application and consistent performance.

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Optimised paint masking solutions for flawless results

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The most effective masking solution depends on the specific requirements of the application and the materials involved.

We manufacture paint masking components using advanced materials and innovative conversion processes. We carefully consider the specific application and usage requirements, before tailoring our processes to deliver a paint masking solution that exceeds expectations.


Flawless finish at every stage

We develop masking solutions for every stage of the painting process, producing a flawless paint finish for the most exacting requirements:

  • Large area paint masking solutions
  • Overspray masking solutions for components
  • Fine detail masking for finishing and two-tone paintwork


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die-cut paint masking solutions

customised paint masking solutions for high-quality finishes

Automotive Masking

Exceeding expectations

We are dedicated to our customers’ success and support you through every stage of the process. From complex material selection and engineering phases, through to high-volume manufacture of an optimised cost-effective masking solution.

Advanced Materials

Our partnerships with leading advanced material manufacturers provide access to a diverse range of cutting-edge masking tapes. Our materials provide exceptional performance and quality, offering residue-free removal and the flexibility to conform to curves and irregular geometries for optimal surface contact and precise results.

Ongoing Technical Support

We are committed to ensuring a seamless experience for our customers by offering continuous customer care and technical support.

Contact a member of our team to discuss your project and find out how we can add value to your paint masking application.

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