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Engineered components for the Electronics & Technology Industry

Focusing on weight reduction, minimisation, and rapid assembly we have extensive experience in manufacturing advanced bonding and sealing solutions for the electronics and technology industry.

By combining advanced materials and intelligent conversion techniques with a deep understanding of industry applications, our self-adhesive solutions are designed to enhance the final product whilst providing added value through increased assembly productivity and minimised overall costs.

Partnered with some the world’s largest adhesive tape and material manufacturers, we have access to an unparalleled range of advanced materials. Our Application Engineers specialise in developing self-adhesive components that provide optimum performance and added value.

Components & Applications

Electronics & Technology Industry

  • Termal B

    Thermal Management

    Our portfolio of thermal management materials includes graphite, foil, and high-performance adhesive tapes. By combining high performance and product quality with intelligent conversion techniques to deliver sophisticated thermal management solutions designed to optimise your application.

  • Surface Protection

    AFAR Films

    Anti-fingerprint anti-reflection (AFAR) protection films are suitable for a wide range of consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, notebooks and PC screens. They are ideal for touch screen kiosks, cash registers and ATM’s

  • Bonding Material

    Bonding Pads

    Die-cut bonding pads and components are available with peel-off tabs, dry edges and finger-lift tabs to aid removal of the release liner, significantly increasing the speed of assembly by up to 1 second per application.

  • Electronics


    Our range of connectors is available in various formats for specialist electrical application, including flexible circuits for fine pitch and high density applications. Materials include metallic foils, polyimide films and electrically conductive adhesive for buzz bars, earth connectors, flexible circuits and solderless connections for flex to PCB.

  • Multi Layer Lamination


    We work with global leaders in foam technology and offer an extensive range of densities, cell structures, composites, compression rates, conductivities and absorption rates for cushioning requirements.

  • Protection


    A range of components for shielding that combines conductive adhesives with super conductive substrates, such as metallic foils and electrically conductive foams, silicones and woven fabrics

  • Die Cutting


    Utilising advanced materials with a superior compression set, we manufacture gasket to tolerances as low as +/- 50µm. Often using Poron® foam as the core material, these foams offer the best performance in vibration resistance and cushioning, protecting the most sensitive components from damage.

  • Ico Clean


    By working in partnership with our clients’ design team, we supply bespoke compact, lightweight seals which will offer resistance to water, dust and other contaminant ingression.

  • Acu B

    Acoustic Insultion

    ALFA® technology high performance acoustic insulation fleece and felt materials are designed for applications requiring superior levels of acoustic reduction whilst retaining significant weight savings. Additionally, open cell and closed cell Urethane Polyether and Polyester foams, new technology semi-open cell EPDM and heavy layer dampening materials all make up our leading acoustic insulation materials.

  • Bonding Material

    Panel Bonding

    With the increasing use of HMI technology, bonding panels has become increasingly important. Utilising both Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and Thermally Activated Films (TAF) we can achieve the highest adhesion levels with the finest adhesive layers.

  • Surface Protection

    Protection Films

    All our screen protectors have excellent anti-scratch properties with a proprietary hard-coating ideal for the aftercare market including optically clear, anti-glare and anti-fingerprint. A specially formulated high-grade silicone adhesive is used to give optimum clarity and clean removal, leaving no residue behind after prolonged usage. Our clear protection films work very effectively on both capacitive and resistive touchscreens and are quick and easy to apply.

  • Ico Transfer

    Screen Bonding

    An area of high development activity as active and passive touch screens are introduced into everyday objects. The resistive touch panel is made up of several layers, typically a Polyester film, top resistive circuit, conductive ITO film, a bottom resistive circuit layer and a glass or acrylic base. These materials are intricate highly sensitive and the adhesives used for bonding them are equally advanced. The conversion of the materials requires careful handling and highly accurate dimensional tolerances.

Tecman Cat 2017 061

Advanced Materials

Tecman Cat 2017 061

Adhesive Tape

Tecman are at the forefront of adhesive tape development, manufacturing next generation PSA tape and partnered with global manufacturers. Through these partnerships, we have access to the most advanced adhesive tape technology, covering the widest range of applications and providing the highest level of performance and quality.

Adhesive tapes are available in various formats, including rolls, sheets, pads, and die-cut components. Our in-house conversion facility has the flexibility to convert nearly all our products into tailored self-adhesive solutions for specific applications and projects.

Surface protection

Tecman’s surface protection and masking solutions support global manufacturers across demanding industries including automotive and transportation, electronics, and the renewable energy sector. By leveraging advancements in technology and conversion capabilities, our solutions go beyond expectations resulting in increased assembly efficiency and minimal overall cost.

Available in a range of formats, including rolls, sheets, and die-cuts, we have the flexibility to convert nearly all our products into bespoke self-adhesive components for specific applications.

Foam & Acoustic Materials

Our high-quality foam and non-woven materials are converted into components for a wide range of industries and applications, including foams for seals and gaskets through to acoustic insulation for NVH management within vehicles.

By working alongside our clients’ design teams, we develop bespoke solutions configured to optimise the application process and enhance the final product.

Thermal Management Products

Our portfolio of thermal management products includes natural and synthetic graphite's, conductive foils, and very high bond performance adhesive tapes.

Available as bespoke die-cut parts to provide thermal interface and bonding properties.

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