Automotive Bonding & Sealing

Automotive Adhesive Tape and die-cutting solutions

We manufacture customised automotive adhesive tape solutions that are engineered to withstand all environmental conditions, providing numerous benefits for automotive manufacturing such as interior and exterior trim mounting, ADAS applications, and vehicle instrument gaskets.

Prioritising weight reduction and enhanced performance, our custom die-cut tape solutions for automotive bonding, sealing, and mounting are designed to aid manufacturing and assembly processes. Our focus is on increasing application efficiency while lowering overall costs, making our solutions an integral part of automotive design.

Automotive Bonding, Joining & Sealing

Automotive Adhesive Tape technology

  • Multi Layer Lamination

    Interior Trim Mounting

    Bespoke adhesive tape solutions for interior trim using next generation PSA technology and low VOC adhesive. Available in various formats including die-cut components to improve assembly and application efficiency.

    - Headline assembly

    - Carpet

    - Door cards

    - Dashboard inserts

    - General surface trim

  • Ico Uv

    Exterior Trim Mounting

    Bespoke adhesive tape solutions for the permanent bonding and mounting of exterior trim. Available in various formats including die-cut components for improved assembly and application efficiency.

    - Parking sensor mounting

    - Badge and emblem mounting

    - Arch flares

    - Rear spoiler

    - Aerial attachment

  • Material Selection


    Lightweight, permanent, and reliable bonding that performs in all weather conditions. Supplied as precision die-cut components designed for rapid application to reduce assembly time.

    - Heating element on base plate

    - Heating element on glass

    - Glass on base plate

    - Thermal dissipation of heating element

    - Outer casing protection

  • Bonding Material

    Bonding & Mounting

    Precision die-cut adhesive tape solutions for lightweight, permanent and constant bonding power during  automotive assembly processes. Our custom engineered tapes ensure reliable and durable bonds between components.

    - Heated seat assembly

    - Interior mirror assembly

    - Component attachment.

  • Die Cutting

    Seals & Gaskets

    Self-adhesive seals and gaskets manufactured from advanced materials designed to conform to automotive
    specifications and seal against dust, moisture, and other elements.

    - Light gaskets

    - Vent gaskets

    - Speaker gaskets

    - Bonding door and window seals

  • Plus


    Designed specifically for automotive wheel applications, these hard-wearing and robust adhesive tape components provide durable and reliable bonding solutions. Engineered to withstand the demanding conditions encountered in wheel assemblies to ensure secure attachment.

    - Wheel weights

    - Brake shims.

  • Tick

    Display & instrument panel

    Tailored for vehicle instrument panels and engineered to withstand diverse environmental conditions, our bonding and sealing components provide secure and robust solutions.

    - Light blocking adhesive

    - Adhesive tape & sealing tapes

    - Screen protection

  • Mag

    Defect Identification

    Bright yellow arrows provide quick and easy identification of vehicle defects, enhancing safety and efficiency in inspection processes. Designed to stand out prominently, these arrows enable rapid detection of issues, allowing for swift remediation and ensuring compliance with quality standards in automotive manufacturing and maintenance.

Customised automotive solutions

Bonding and sealing solutions for automotive design

Why Tecman

Trusted engineering & manufacturing partner

   Certification & Quality

Our facility holds both ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certifications. With robust systems encompassing APQP, NPI, Engineering Change Control, and Six Sigma, we ensure the highest standards at every stage of your project.

   Trusted Partnership

We bring intelligent, innovative thinking to every project, forging lasting partnerships built on mutual respect and shared values. Our commitment to customer success is our priority and we work in close collaboration to achieve it.

Tecman collaboration with business partners   multi-industry expertise

Tecman customers benefit from our diverse knowledge spanning various industries, technologies, and cutting-edge materials. This cross-industry approach ensures innovative solutions that draw from the best practices across different sectors, resulting in effective and forward-thinking solutions.

Tecman focus on sustainability   Added value process

We aim to exceed project expectations by delivering added value through a strategic approach to engineering and manufacturing that incorporates innovation at every stage. This commitment provides our customers with a distinct competitive advantage.

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Tecman automotive application engineers have years of experience in delivering customised solutions that not only solve the problem at hand, but also add value in multiple ways, including reduced waste, process efficiencies, and material improvements.

Contact our experts to explore how Tecman's advanced solutions in customised, die-cut adhesive tape technology can enhance your automotive applications, delivering improved performance and overall cost savings.


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case study in action

Gasket for injection moulded vehicle instrument cluster

Vehicle Interior 1 Resized


Improve an established adhesive gasket application for bonding an a-surface component to a vehicle instrument cluster for high-volume manufacturing for a leading injection moulder.


Using a unique adhesive product to effectively block light transfer between instrument light displays. Incorporating design features to enhancing the gasket application into concave-shaped components, while integrating finger-lift tabs to prevent contamination during application, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.


An improved application process and increased surface contact of adhesive to component with overall enhanced safety and product performance of the vehicle instrument cluster.


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