Automotive Bonding & Sealing

Self-adhesive components for the automotive industry

Our leading-edge adhesive tapes and materials deliver numerous benefits for both interior and exterior automotive bonding applications. With an emphasis on weight reduction and added value, we develop automotive bonding solutions that aid application, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Our advanced adhesive tape technology provides the highest performance adhesion for reliable, invisible and permanent automotive bonding and fixing applications, making our products an integral part of vehicle design.

With vehicle exteriors continuously exposed to extreme environments, our adhesive tapes are designed to withstand all environmental conditions including moisture, salt spray, temperature influences and UV radiation.

The effectiveness of our products is rooted in our advanced materials, intelligent conversion techniques and product design, combined with a deep understanding of automotive processes, engineering knowledge, and long-term experience.

Bonding & Mounting


  • Bonding Material

    Bonding & Mounting

    Precision die-cut adhesive tapes that provide lightweight, permanent and consistent bonding power for use during the automotive assembly process.

    Applications include heated seat assembly, interior mirror assembly, in-car infotainment systems and component attachment.

  • Multi Layer Lamination

    Interior Trim

    Adhesive tapes and precision die-cut components for mounting interior trim throughout the vehicle using next generation PSA technology developed within the aerospace industry. We also develop multi-layer soft touch trim materials using textiles, leather and leatherette for the ultimate passenger experience.

    Applications include headliner assembly, carpets, door cards, dashboard inserts and general surface trim.

  • Ico Uv

    Exterior Trim

    A comprehensive range of double sided tapes for permanently bonding and mounting components to vehicle exteriors. The range is available in various formats, including precision die-cut components, for improved assembly efficiency and unit costs.

    Applications include badge and emblem mounting, arch flares, rear spoiler, parking sensor mounting and aerial attachment.

  • Material Selection


    Adhesive tapes for mirror assembly provide lightweight, permanent and reliable bonding power that performs in all weather conditions. Supplied as precision die-cut adhesive tapes designed for reduced assembly time.

    Applications include heating element on base plate, heating element on glass, glass on base plate, thermal dissipation of heating element and outer casing protection.

  • Die Cutting

    Seals & Gaskets

    Self-adhesive seals and gaskets manufactured from advanced materials to seal against dust, moisture and other elements. Each product conforms to automotive specifications.

    Applications include light gaskets, vent gaskets, speaker gaskets and bonding door and window seals.

  • Termal B

    Thermal Management

    Thermally conductive very high bond adhesive tapes provide superior transfer of heat from component to heat sink. The tapes have a conformable foamed carrier for improved surface contact and replace the use of thermal grease and mechanical fixtures.

    Applications include high-density electronic component clusters, high energy units, cooling fans to heat dissipation materials, components to heat sinks and compact battery management.

  • Ico Smooth Adhesive

    BIW Structural Bonding

    Next generation adhesive tape technology for the structural bonding of high-strength steel, aluminium, magnesium and composites during the body in white (BIW) automotive manufacturing process.

    Applications include BIW structures, multi material bonding, chassis, body brackets, hem flange and closures.

  • Plus


    Hardwearing, robust adhesive tape components developed for automotive wheel applications.

    Applications include wheel weights and brake shims.

  • Clip Board

    Cable Management

    A range of heavy-duty adhesive tapes for automotive cable management. The tapes continue to perform throughout the lifetime of the vehicle and meet OEM quality standards.

    Applications include cable mounting and wire harnessing.

Grey Auto Tape

Advanced Materials

Grey Auto Tape

Automotive Series Acrylic Foam Tape

A series of heavy-duty automotive grade acrylic foam tapes with a very high bond performance used extensively by automotive OEMs, designed for exterior attachment part mounting and able to sustain extreme low temperatures.

Acrylic Foam Tape

Double sided heavy-duty acrylic foam tapes with a very high bond performance. Acrylic foam tapes are the preferred choice of design engineers and often used to replace mechanical fastening systems such as spot welds, rivets, screws, bolts and clips.

Adhesive Transfer Tape

Double sided adhesive transfer tapes provide a layer of adhesive supported on a paper liner. Applications range from print finishing and graphics through to the manufacture of RFI and EMI shielding components using electrically conductive adhesive transfer tape.

Foam Tape

Double sided foam tapes provide a layer of adhesive on both sides of a foam carrier. Ideal for bonding textured, rough and irregular surfaces, foam tapes are used throughout manufacturing industries, including specialist applications such as low temperature bonding.

Tissue Tape

Double sided tissue tapes for a range of applications from print finishing to mounting graphics and signage. Tissue tapes are available in a range of formats including rolls, sheets, and die-cut shapes.

Automotive Brochure

Automotive Adhesive Tape Solutions

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