Design & Engineering Support

Our design and engineering capabilities enable us to deliver competitive value-added solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations while adhering to industry standards and regulations. Our multifaceted process includes a skilled team of professionals, effective processes, and advanced technologies.

A comprehensive design & engineering support service

Our comprehensive design and engineering support service includes everything from initial engineering concepts and feasibility to the final design of an engineered part. The support that we provide to our customers' engineering teams provides tangible value and a unique competitive advantage.

At every stage of the design journey, we advise on designs that are cost-effective to manufacture, avoiding the pitfalls of developing a solution that is impractical to produce.

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This is an essential process for creating innovative and high-quality products that meet customer needs and industry standards.

Our capabilities encompass a range of skills, processes, and tools that enable our team to conceptualise, design, prototype, test, and ultimately produce successful real-world solutions designed for high volume manufacture.

  • Product design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Quality assurance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Collaborative and cross-disciplinary teams
  • Sustainability considerations
  • Designed for cost-effective, high-volume manufacture



multi-industry approach

leveraging knowledge from multi-industry applications

Our multi-industry approach allows us to leverage knowledge from various industry applications, technological advancements, and cutting-edge materials enabling a cross-pollination of innovation when developing the most effective solutions for our customers.

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