Aerospace & Defence

Engineered components for the Aerospace & Defence Industry

Increasingly sophisticated military and aerospace systems and devices require greater performance and reliability in the most demanding environments and conditions. Every product that we produce is designed and manufactured to perform in every situation.

Years of experience assist us in developing next generation adhesive based solutions through the innovative use of specialist materials and new processes. With focus on performance, reliability and endurance, Tecman consistently lead the way in enhancing current and future systems and devices.

Our comprehensive UKAS accredited quality management system provides the document and process control that forms the backbone of our consistency and reliability. Many of our adhesive tapes and advanced materials meet the requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation, Civilian Aviation Authority along with numerous DoD and MoD Military specifications.

Components & Applications

Aerospace & Defence Industry

  • Acu B

    Acoustic management

    ALFA® technology high performance acoustic insulation fleece and felt materials are designed for applications requiring superior levels of acoustic reduction whilst retaining significant weight savings. Additionally, open cell and closed cell Urethane Polyether and Polyester foams, new technology semi-open cell EPDM and heavy layer dampening materials all make up our leading acoustic insulation materials.

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  • Termal B

    Thermal Management

    Advanced thermal management products including natural and synthetic graphite, conductive foils, and adhesive tapes. Our leading-edge materials can be converted into complex die-cut shapes, pads, rolls or sheets to provide thermal interface and bonding properties; reducing hot spots and protecting sensitive components.

  • Surface Protection

    Display Enhancement and Protection

    All our screen protectors have excellent anti-scratch properties with a proprietary hard-coating ideal for the aftercare market including optically clear, anti-glare and anti-fingerprint. A specially formulated high-grade silicone adhesive is used to give optimum clarity and clean removal, leaving no residue behind after prolonged usage. Our clear protection films work very effectively on both capacitive and resistive touchscreens and are quick and easy to apply.

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  • Surface Protection

    Surface Protection

    We support our clients with specialist protection requirements, including highly sensitive electronic applications, protection of sensitive paint finishes, chromed plastics, UV resistance, and high temperature removal.

    Permanent surface protection materials are manufactured from proprietary PU films and have ultra-clear adhesives to provide superior stone chip and abrasion resistance for many applications including wind turbine blades and specialist vehicles.

  • Plus


    Our shielding foil tapes can include multiple layers with insulating, light shielding and heat spreading capabilities.

    Shielding fabrics are more conformable when compared to foil tapes and have higher resistance to tearing. We can also include cover films for improved handling, tear and puncture resistance.

    EMI conductive elastomer foams offer outstanding gap-filling, low compressive force and low compression set whilst providing excellent conductivity in the XYZ direction. These can be used to ground electronic devices and flat panel displays as well as providing a mechanical cushion to protect devices from shock and vibration.

  • Multi Layer Lamination

    Cushioning Foams

    We work with global leaders in foam technology and offer an extensive range of densities, cell structures, composites, compression rates, conductivities and absorption rates for cushioning requirements.

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