Replacing Traditional Joining and Fixing Methods

with Double Sided Tape

With manufacturing techniques constantly evolving due to ever-increasing material options, escalating labour costs and client demands, high performance double sided adhesive tapes are replacing mechanical fastening methods due to the many design and assembly advantages.

Benefits of Replacing Mechanical Fasteners with Adhesive Tape

Using adhesive tapes to replace mechanical fasteners can transform so many areas of product design and manufacturing efficiencies.  Screws, bolts, clips, rivets and other mechanical fastening systems are quickly being replaced with adhesive tape due to the many design and assembly advantages.  Adhesive tapes for replacing mechanical fasteners include our range of 3M VHB and Vhpb high performance double sided adhesive tapes.

High performance double sided tape is rapidly becoming the preferred option over mechanical fastening, fixing or bonding methods and has transformed many areas of product design. Double sided tape is lightweight, clean, and quick to apply and offers unparalleled bond strengths.  Having worked alongside Design Engineers across a wide range of industries, we have developed bespoke adhesive tape components for many products.

We have the facilities to convert nearly all our tapes into a wide range of formats creating more aesthetically superior products increasing quality, strength and durability.  With the introduction of these components into manufacturing processes, our clients maximise the efficiency of their production lines, cutting costs and resource.

High performance double sided tapes provide a quick result by removing the need of labour intensive operations associated with mechanical fastening systems such as hole spotting, drilling, tapping, welding and surface refinishing.  Also, with no holes, whether drilled or punched, there are fewer structural weak points or areas where rust or corrosion can set in. 

Adhesive tape creates a consistent adhesive layer that spreads stress evenly, providing reliable holding power.  This method can withstand movement and vibration as well as compensate for thermal expansion and contraction, an area where mechanical fixing methods lack the flexibility.  This is especially important when joining dissimilar materials with different inherent properties.

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