Supply Chain Management

Tecman's Supply Chain Management Processes & Procedures

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supply chain capabilities

Supply chain management is a crucial process that ensures high quality and timely delivery of materials and components.

Our supply chain management capabilities include a dedicated purchasing team to roll out initiatives designed to increase efficiencies and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.


efficient and seamless operations

With a complex global market and increasing customer demands, a robust supply chain management system is essential for efficient and seamless operations. This ensures timely and reliable sourcing of raw materials and resources from trusted suppliers, minimizing disruptions and maintaining product quality.

By streamlining processes and fostering collaboration with business partners and stakeholders, our team ensures smooth coordination and transparent communication throughout the supply chain, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Tecman collaboration with business partners   Collaboration  

We take a collaborative approach to managing our supply partners, building strong relationships based on trust, communication, and transparency.  By maintaining close relationships with our supply partners, we can mitigate risks, increase efficiency and improve product quality. Ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction and profitability for everyone involved. 


Tecman Partnerships   Partnership

Effective supplier management involves selecting the right partners, assessing their capabilities and risks, establishing clear expectations, including performance metrics and monitoring, and providing continuous feedback.



 Tecman focus on sustainability   Sustainability

There are many world class suppliers in the UK and where possible we support British businesses.Our UK supply partners provide a wide range of products including films, papers, tapes, adhesives, protection films and NVH materials. Sourcing locally also helps reduce emissions and supports a more sustainable, robust supply chain.


Tecman Continuous Improvement   improvement

We monitor and work closely with our suppliers to facilitate continuously improving processes, lead times and our product offering.

Once products are onsite at Tecman , we employ a variety of inventory management techniques including JIT, Kanban, FIFO, Six Sigma and Vendor managed inventory. 

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