Acoustic management

Acoustic management applications

Bespoke acoustic management solutions with sophisticated multi-layer laminates

We are committed to delivering advanced acoustic management solutions that optimise our clients’ acoustic management application process whilst enhancing the end result.

We work with a range of acoustic insulation materials and advanced foams, each designed for superior levels of acoustic management, including ultralight fleece, high loft fleece, super loft fleece, heavy layer material and needle punch felt.

Bespoke Acoustic Insulation Solutions

For Manufacturing Industries

Tecman Diecut 2020 047 Alfa Hl Pet 53025 Gg

Advanced Characteristics

Sophisticated multi-layer laminates, such as advanced scrim materials, impregnated layers, and ultra-light-weight heat reflective materials, provide a high degree of flexibility when developing bespoke acoustic management solutions to meet our clients' individual requirements.

innovative capabilities

By combining these materials with our innovative manufacturing capabilities, we produce some of the most advanced solutions for acoustic management.

Our purpose built in-house manufacturing facility with innovative capabilities, such as die-cutting and multi-layer lamination, enable a versatile and flexible approach during the conversion of acoustic materials.

Bespoke Die-Cut

Component Breakdown

Material Selector Layers Resized

1. face Scrim

Laminating a top layer to the core material provides improved acoustic performance and seals against water and oil.

2. core material

Main component material, such as acoustic fleece or foam, is selected based on the end application and various contributing factors, including part location, environmental, or lightweight requirements.

3. base layer

A base layer, such as a scrim, can be laminated into the part, providing additional properties to the finished solution.

4. Adhesive

Selected to suit the application by considering factors such as tack level, UV and temperature resistance. Coverage can be adapted to improve the application such as strip coated, zone coated or full coverage.

5. Release Liner

Release liner is configured to optimise the application process, providing a more rapid and precise placement. Variations include butterfly, alignment strips, precision die-cut placement holes, and waste removal.

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Advanced Materials

Tecman Productshot 005

Acoustic Materials

ALFA® Technology is Tecman’s range of high performance automotive acoustic insulation materials designed for applications requiring superior levels of NVH reduction.

Foam Materials

Superior quality technical foams used for a range of application across industry sectors, including automotive and aerospace.

Industry Specific Solutions

We are advanced material engineers

Tecman's advanced acoustic insulation solutions are used throughout manufacturing industries that require superior acoustic management solutions.

Material Selector

with product swatches

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A material selector is available with product swatches and a more comprehensive set of technical data for our range of acoustic insulation materials.

Our core capabilities

The backbone of our organisation

  • Bonding Material

    Material Selection

    We specialise in understanding the science behind advanced materials in order to make careful selections based on the bespoke requirements of our clients' project or application.

  • Value Added Solutions

    Value added solutions

    Through careful consideration of what the end application needs to achieve, we develop solutions designed to enhance the application process and reduce the overall cost of finished parts.

  • Die Cutting

    Die Cutting

    In-house conversion facility includes high-speed rotary die-cutting equipment with innovative capabilities and flatbed presses enabling unlimited flexibility to convert nearly all our advanced materials into precision components.

  • Slitting Rewinding

    Slitting & Rewinding

    Lathe slitting and the slit and rewind of materials are a fundamental process in our conversion facility. The materials and their characteristics are carefully analysed before the most suitable method is chosen.

  • Multi Layer Lamination

    Multi-Layer Lamination

    Advanced multi-layer laminating facilities are used for both material preparation and final product manufacture, enabling the formulation of products that are outside of any standard product range, including coating customer supplied material with PSA.

  • Ico Transfer

    Application & Assembly Support

    As part of our value-add solutions, we develop assembly aids and equipment to assist in the precise application of components and increase productivity during the assembly processes.

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