Body in White Structural Bonding

Structural Bonding Technology for the Automotive Industry

DAAT® Technology is a next generation adhesive tape technology for the structural bonding of high-strength steel, aluminium, magnesium and composites during the body in white (BIW) automotive manufacturing process.

DAAT® combines the benefits of traditional adhesive tape with the performance of structural epoxy adhesive.

High green strength enables instant adhesion between differential materials and results in simplified and accelerated automotive manufacturing processes. The bond line of the adhesive tape is finely controlled, maintaining a constant, uniform adhesive thickness and the addition of reinforcement fibres provides superior tensile impact resistance.

Body in White

Structural Bonding Applications

  • Bonding Material
    Stuctural Bonding
  • Material Selection
    HSS, aluminium, composites
    Multi material bonding
  • Ico Smooth Adhesive
    Hem Flange
    Structural Bonding
  • Multi Layer Lamination
    Body brackets
    Structural Bonding
  • Cogs
    Door, boot, bonnet, tailgate
  • Plus
    Underbody, pillars, roof panel
    BIW structures

DAAT® Technology

Features and Benefits

With OEM’s combining high-strength steel, aluminium, magnesium and composites using structural liquid adhesive, DAAT® advances this joining technology one step further by combining the benefits of traditional adhesive tape with the performance of structural epoxy adhesive.

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Pressure Sensitive Initial tack which increases with pressure
Simplified Application Uses tack to locate and hold components
Bonds to Oily Steel/ Dry Lube Coated Aluminium Minimal surface preparation required to achieve bond
Advanced rheology Withstands weight/force during cure
Advanced chemistry Structural adhesion achieved through temperature cure
Advanced cohesion Does not flow during cure
Low Cost Curing Cure using ambient, infrared, induction
Rapid curing Achieve structural cure within 4 minutes
Structural bond >39MPa (397.689kgs/cm2) shear adhesion
Multi materials Bonds HSS, Ali, magnesium, high-temp plastics, glass, composites


Body in White

Structural Bonding Solutions

Body In White 1 Cropped

complete structural bonding and assembly solutions

We are partnered with the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial automated systems, including automotive robotic assembly. Working in close collaboration together, alongside OEM’s we are able to deliver complete structural bonding and assembly solutions that are customised to our client’s needs.

Adaptable Adhesive Technology

The increasing complexity of multi-material vehicle platforms introduces new challenges for structural bonding.

DAAT® Technology is available on an application specific basis, the technology is modified to include various characteristics to meet precise design requirements, such as bonding to oiled steel or variations without tack on one side.

Controlled Adhesive Bondline

A critical advantage of structural adhesive tape is the controlled adhesive bond line which maintains a uniform adhesive thickness.  It also provides the additional benefit of a reinforced bond line for added impact resistance.

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Automotive Adhesive Tape Solutions

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