Adhesive Tapes

Advanced Industrial Adhesive Tape Technology



Acrylic Foam Tape

Double sided heavy-duty acrylic foam tape with a very high bond performance.

Automotive Series Acrylic Foam Tape

A series of heavy-duty automotive grade acrylic foam tapes used extensively by automotive OEMs.

Film Tape

Double sided film tape used for a wide range applications including extreme weather conditions and bonding LSE plastics.

Foam Tape

Double sided foam tapes are used throughout manufacturing industries and ideal for bonding textured, rough and irregular surfaces.

Adhesive Transfer Tape

Double sided adhesive transfer tape with innovative features for specific applications.

Tissue Tape

Double sided tissue tapes for a range of applications from print finishing to mounting graphics and signage.


DAAT® structural adhesive technology provides a superior dual-action structural bond.

Industrial Cloth Tape

Cloth tapes for indoor and outdoor industrial and manufacturing applications.

Adhesive Tape Converter

Adhesive tape & industrial double sided tape

Tecman are a leading adhesive tape converter and manufacturer at the forefront of adhesive tape development, manufacturing next generation double sided tapes and PSA tapes, partnered with global adhesive tape manufacturers.

Through these partnerships we have access to the most advanced adhesive tape technology, covering the widest range of adhesive tape applications which provide the highest level of bonding performance and quality.

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Adhesive Tape Solutions

tape technology For Manufacturing Industries

Industrial adhesive solutions

We use advanced product design and innovative conversion techniques, including multi-layer lamination, die-cutting, customised liner configurations and presentation styles to develop bespoke adhesive tape solutions for customer specific requirements.

Industrial adhesive solutions

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