Thermal Runaway Barrier FAQs & insights from Battery Show Europe

Tecman reflect on the show & address frequent visitor questions

Tecman’s debut year exhibiting at the Battery Show Europe coincided with the official German launch of our advanced Anti-Thermal Propagation (ATP) technology. The launch had a hugely positive response and helped to cap off a very successful and enjoyable time at the Messe Stuttgart.  

We caught up with the Tecman team that attended the event to share their key takeaways from the show as well as discussing frequent questions and feedback visitors had about Tecman’s ATP technology.

Image (left to right): Lee O'Shaughnessy, Business Development Executive; Dave Roberts, Operations Director; Georgia Miller, Customer Service; Matthew Luckman, Business Development Executive; and Kevin Porter, Technical Director.

The Team Tecman at The Battery Show Europe 2024


Q1: What question did stand visitors frequently ask about Tecman's ATP Pads (Advanced Thermal Runaway Barriers)?

Lee: People I spoke to were interested in whether our ATP Pads can be integrated into existing battery pack projects. Integrating our cell barriers at the earliest stage of a project offers an advantage. However, as an end-to-end partner, we have collaborated with OEMs to integrate this solution at various project stages.

Dave: There was a lot of interest in where our ATP Pads are manufactured and the manufacturing system itself. Tecman's ATP Pads are manufactured across the globe and in our IATF certified facility in the UK, using an innovative manufacturing system. Which is very compact and has the potential for easy integration into existing facilities close to battery assembly plants.

The Tecman team at The Battery Show Europe 2024

Georgia: I was often asked about the insulation materials in our ATP Pads, which aren’t constrained to any one material. We’re able to use multiple different materials, including our own materials and those specified by customers. Our network of supply partners give us access to the most advanced materials, which we can also combine to achieve certain performance outcomes.

Matthew: A lot of people asked me about the exact specifications of our ATP Pads. We had multiple ATP Pad samples on our stand that we’ve manufactured to different specs. These parts are engineered for specific projects due to the high level of customisation available. To customise a solution for a specific project we need to start with exploring the overall project objectives and challenges.

Kevin: A lot of visitors asked me for details on the Framed ATP Pad, a Cell Barrier with integrated frame for Prismatic cell thermal runaway protection. This product meets a significant need in the market and I think hearing about the pad being used in full commercial projects was an eyeopener.

Q2 What challenges did visitors say that Tecman’s ATP technology and broader thermal management solutions could help solve?

Lee: Safety concerns was obviously a big one. People were very interested to know more about the impressive +20 minute thermal propagation delay from thermal runaway, that our ATP pads have achieved.

Dave: The ability to meet extreme high-volume production demands using our automated continuous manufacturing system was of real interest. Each machine has the capability of producing up to 120 parts per minute, so that's 36 million parts a year.

The Tecman team showcases thermal management innovations at The Battery Show Europe 2024

Georgia: Generally, our proximity as a European manufacturer appeared to be an attractive factor, as that allows us to offer quick support and meet face-to-face with customers to solve challenges.

Matthew: That we have an existing solution that is already used across EV ranges was very important. That means we have a proven thermal runaway barriers that allows our customers to accelerate their projects and our experience enables us to navigate common pitfalls effectively.

Kevin: In my conversations with visitors they unanimously acknowledged the extraordinary challenge of handling intense heat under high levels of pressure. They were then particularly impressed with the products currently in production and the new materials Tecman is incorporating in next generation Cell Barriers.

Q3: How well did The Battery Show Europe meet your expectations?

Lee: All round it was a very worthwhile show. It was a perfect platform for our expertise in thermal management and particularly cell-to-cell barriers. And it was clear that the industry is in desperate need of these types of solutions. 

Dave: Without a doubt the show exceeded my expectations. The number of engaging discussions we had with stand visitors and peers was very impressive and being there really helped me to get a more complete understanding of the industry landscape.

Georgia: The show was an amazing opportunity to speak to prospects and existing customers. The traffic to the Tecman stand was incredible and I personally learnt so much from a customer and industry perspective. 

Matthew: I really enjoyed the show. I felt like we were in the right place with the right solutions to help some key industry players. 

Kevin: All major EU based automotive OEMs took the time to visit our stand, discuss their challenges and request various levels of support from Tecman. We also had constructive conversations with current battery pack manufacturers, OEMs of portable equipment and other Li-Ion battery system integrators. Looking forward now to quality projects where we can work swiftly to bring benefit and improvement to our customers.

The Tecman team at The Battery Show Europe 2024

Q4: What was your key takeaway from The Battery Show Europe?

Lee: The demand for proven cell-to-cell barrier technology was very apparent. For some companies barriers for thermal runaway protection are an after thought, but it's good to see an increase in companies coming to us at early stages of their projects as well.  

Dave: I was struck by the high level of openness to collaboration, from across the supply chain to help innovation to scale and meet the high levels of demand.

The Tecman stand at Battery Show Europe 2024

Georgia: I thought it was encouraging to see the high level of eagerness from the industry to work with a UK-based manufacturer.

Matthew:  I was surprised by the variety of industries from which some of the stand visitors were from and it was interesting to understand the slightly different thermal management challenges, constraints and concerns that they had.

Kevin: It was great to see and hear the level of commitment to battery technology. It truly is the future and Tecman is honoured to be a leader in this field. We are committed to working hard for this industry, bringing innovative technologies to drive it forward and realise its full potential.

Thank you to everyone that visited the Tecman stand!

If you didn’t manage to make it to Tecman stand at The Battery Show Europe and would like to learn more about OEM-approved thermal cell barriers, designed to prevent or delay thermal propagation from a thermal runaway then click below:

Tecman's advanced thermal runaway barriers are essential for optimising cell performance, longevity, and safety of battery packs and are a breakthrough in anti-thermal propagation technology for prismatic, pouch, and cylindrical cells. 

Event Competition:
Winner Announcement

During The Battery Show Europe, visitors to our stand had the opportunity to enter our exclusive event competition to win a highly sought-after DJI Mini 2 SE Drone.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the ultra-lightweight drone is Ms. Rakowski, who visited from Poland.

We extend a big thank you to everyone who entered the competition!

Competition to win a DJI Mini 2 SE drone at The Battery Show Europe

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