15-Vhpb TC010 Thermally Conductive Vhpb Tape

Key Features

15-Vhpb TC010

  • Termal B
    Thermally conductive acrylic foam tape
  • Ico Transfer
    Designed to offer superior transfer of heat from component to heat sinks
  • Slitting Rewinding
    Conformable foamed acrylic carrier for improved surface contact
  • Material Selection
    Available in other thicknesses up to 1.2mm
15-Vhpb TC010

Main Applications

15-Vhpb TC010

  • Bonding and mounting components and LED light strips to heat-sinks
  • Bonding heat generating components to heat sinks or other cooling devices
  • Replacement of thermal grease and mechanical fixtures
  • Chip on board assemblies, LED/PDP Modules, LED
  • Signage, backlit TV units, components within desktop, laptop and hand held devices

Technical Specifications

15-Vhpb TC010

0.10mm thermally conductive acrylic foam tape which provides superior heat transfer for LED units and electronic components.

Technical Data for 15-Vhpb TC010

Max.Log Size: 800mm

Standard Sizes Box Qty
Adhesive Type Thermally Conductive Vhpb
Total Thickness [ASTM D-1000] 0.10mm 12mm x 33m 32
Adhesive Tape Colour White 19mm x 33m 20
Density 1600 kgm³ 25mm x 33m 16
Surface Resistance [ASTM D-257] 3.0 x 10¹⁵ Ω    
Thermal Conductivity 2 W/mK    
Volume Resistance [ASTM D-257] 1.0 x 10¹⁷ Ω/cm    
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage [IEC-60243-1] 4 kV    
Dielectric Strength [IEC-60243-1] 40 kV/mm    
Short Term [48 hr, 1006] [ASTM D-3654] 121°C    
Long Term [10,000min, 2506] [ASTM D-3654] 93°C    

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