Renewable Energies & Wind Energy

Engineered components for Renewable and Wind Energy Sector

Designed to provide consistent performance during all environmental conditions and withstand even the harshest environments, our bespoke self-adhesive solutions for the renewable energy market are trusted by some of the largest energy companies across the globe.

We work in close collaboration with engineering teams to develop innovative self-adhesive solutions which improve overall performance for wind energy applications. By using a strategic approach, we ensure every factor is taken into consideration to withstand long term exposure in harsh conditions including rain, hail, salt spray, and other debris.

Our solutions include protection films with superior aerodynamic performance, high performance bonding tapes and thermally conductive materials.

Components & Applications

Renewable Energies Industry

  • Surface Protection

    Blade Protection Film

    Tecman has developed a series of leading TPU protection films designed to meet the harshest environments and provide superior aerodynamic performance.

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  • Slitting Rewinding

    Vortex Generators

    Vortex generators are carefully designed to optimise air flow around the blade root. Used in aircraft design as well as turbine blade, the 15-Vhpb Series of high-performance bond tapes meets environmental and adhesion requirements and have been in application since 2011.

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  • Bonding Material


    Serrations are designed to reduce blade noise and improve power lift. The 15-Vhpb Series of high-performance bond tapes are designed to bond serrations onto the trailing edge of the blade. Excellent bond even when applied at sub-zero temperatures make them suitable for factory-fit and retro-fit applications

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  • Slitting Rewinding

    Gurney Flap

    Gurney Flap is an add on designed to optimise lift, drag and moment coefficient.  Bonded onto the blade surface using the 15-Vhpb Series of high-performance bond tapes.

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