Product Application and Assembly Support

As part of our value-add solution, we develop assembly aids and equipment to assist in the precise application of manufactured adhesive components to increase productivity during the assembly process.

We work with process engineers to develop assembly aids and equipment, offering bespoke and standard fixtures and equipment in addition to designing parts to work with our customers’ own equipment.


& Assembly Support

  • Plus


    Used during the manual application of protection film to bonnet and roof areas of the vehicle.

    This method is suitable where accuracy is not critical.

  • Slitting Rewinding


    Semi-automated jig and fixture equipment designed for simple, cost effective application of die-cut protection film to components where accurate application is required.

    The equipment requires no previous experience to operate and speeds up the process to one parts per 10 – 15 seconds.

  • Clip Board

    Customers’ Own Equipment

    For projects and applications where there is existing equipment, we develop our solutions to work seamlessly with the current equipment and processes.

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