Tecman thermal management

Extensive testing to accelerate innovation

Extensive testing to accelerate innovation

Tecman have extensive experience developing and testing automotive solutions with some of the largest OEMs. Our advanced material engineers approach testing in a way that challenges assumptions and supports the development of innovative solutions for customers.…


High-volume anti-thermal propagation pad process

To date advanced thermal barriers with built-in spacers has been complex to manufacture. Tecman has developed a process that for the first time enables high-volume continuous manufacture of framed Anti-Thermal Propagation (ATP) pads.…


Anti-thermal propagation innovation

Tecman has developed and patented a single continuous production process to manufacture framed ATP pads - a type of advanced cell barrier with a built-in spacer. The article explains how OEMs will now be able to take advantage of advanced design features in a more cost-effective way, and at high volumes.…


Framed battery anti-thermal propagation pad launched

Batteries and Energy Storage Technology reports that UK engineering firm Tecman have launched a production process to enable high volume manufacture of framed battery anti-thermal propagation (ATP) pads, which eliminates the need for third-party pre-conversion and reduce costs.…


Tecman unveils anti-thermal propagation innovation

An advanced material engineering firm has pioneered a process to enable high-volume continuous manufacture of advanced cell barriers with physical built-in spacers. The production process represents a significant innovation for the automotive and battery storage industries.…


Thermal Thinking: Improving battery capability and safety

As EV battery capabilities increase so does excess thermal energy which can reduce performance and pose safety concerns. Thermal Interface Materials, TIMs, are helping manufacturers to manage thermal energy effectively, improving performance and safety.…

Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2023 pre-event exhibitor interview

Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2023 pre-event exhibitor interview

Ahead of Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2023, Kevin Porter, Technical Director, took part in a Q&A interview with the organisers to do a deep dive into how Tecman tackles industry challenges and what visitors can expect from Tecman at this year's event.…


Thermal Thinking: Exploring Thermal Interface Materials

As the transition to electric vehicles continues, TIMs are becoming vital to maintain optimum temperatures in Li-ion batteries. This article digs into the characteristics, performance and benefits of TIMs materials for battery pack applications.…

Unlocking competitive advantage

Unlocking competitive advantage

When it comes to designing automotive solutions, rethinking existing problems can be helpful when trying to tackle persistent challenges. Through innovating in every area of the manufacturing and assembly process, we help OEMs to innovate and develop a competitive advantage.…

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