Tecman Q&A: Latest Thermal runaway technology, future battery trends, & why customers value our solutions

Q&A with Tecman’s experts ahead of The Battery Show Europe

In the run-up to The Battery Show Europe, where leading professionals in battery, automotive, and energy storage will gather for three days in Stuttgart, we connected with our own experts to share valuable insights ahead of the event.

Key Tecman Experts: Kevin Porter, Technical Director, Dave Roberts, Operations Director, and Wayne Matthews, Head of Sales

In a Q&A session with Kevin Porter, Technical Director, Dave Roberts, Operations Director, and Wayne Matthews, Head of Sales, we delve behind the scenes to take a closer look at our latest thermal runaway barriers, future industry trends, our expectations for this year’s show and what customers value most about working with Tecman.

Q: What are your expectations for the show and is there anything that you are personally looking to learn or achieve?

Dave Roberts: I am keen to gain a deeper insight into the latest advancements in battery technology, particularly focusing on process innovations that enhance energy efficiency, sustainability, and performance. Networking with industry leaders, experts, and potential collaborators is a key objective, as it will provide valuable opportunities for partnerships and knowledge exchange.

Additionally, I am hoping to explore cutting-edge products and solutions that could be integrated into our Major Projects portfolio, thereby staying ahead of market trends and technological developments. Engaging in educational sessions and workshops will also be crucial to expand my technical expertise and understanding of emerging challenges and opportunities within the battery industry.

Q: What one thing would you like visitors at the show to know about Tecman? How does this differentiate Tecman from its competitors in the industry? 

Dave Roberts: That we are a company who thrive on building long term, strategic alliances with our customers by adding value as a key end-to-end partner. What sets Tecman apart from our competitors is that we are committed to doing what we say we are going to do and by delivering on time, every time and at the right cost to our customers.

Q: Tecman is launching its Anti-thermal Propagation Technology into the German market that has already seen major success in the UK. Can you discuss what this product is, why it has seen success in the UK, and what your expectations are for its reception in Germany?  

Kevin Porter: Tecman ATP Pad solutions are the most effective on the market today, both in terms of performance but also commercial viability and manufacturing capacity.  Germany is one of the largest EV manufacturers in the world and we know that our ATP Pads will significantly accelerate next generation EV battery developments.  They are currently used in some of the world's largest and most successful EV ranges.  

Pouch cell thermal barrier diagram

(Above) Encapsulated Anti-Thermal Propagation Pads, for pouch battery cells to prevent thermal propagation from a thermal runaway event. 

Q: What unique challenges do Tecman's thermal management solutions address, and can you provide examples of their real-world applications and benefits? 

Kevin Porter: Tecman ATP Pads do the almost impossible task of balancing superior thermal insulation, with world leading compression performance and all manufactured in the most cost-effective way making the products not only the highest performing but also the safest and most commercially attractive available. 

Q: What trends in the battery industry are you most excited about, and how do you see these trends influencing Tecman's future developments and sustainability efforts?  

Kevin Porter: We are excited to see the ongoing developments in semi-solid state and solid-state batteries and are working with leading organisations to develop solutions that improve performance and safety. 

Q: What do you think customers value most about working with Tecman and Tecman's advanced thermal management solutions?

Wayne Matthews: I think customers value Tecman's advanced thermal management solutions for their innovation and high level of customisation. Through a collaborative design process, our solutions are engineered to meet each customer's exact specifications. Perhaps most importantly, customers appreciate our genuine customer-first approach. We take the time to truly understand their challenges and partner with them every step of the way. 

Q: Who are you looking forward to talking to and engaging with at the show?

Wayne Matthews: As we gear up for the Battery Show Europe, we are incredibly excited to connect with the whole spectrum of industry players driving innovation in this space. From battery manufacturers and automotive OEMs to Energy Storage System developers - I'm excited to discuss how our advanced thermal management technologies can meet their unique needs.

I also look forward to strengthening relationships with our existing customers and introducing our cutting-edge solutions to new potential partners.

BCS22 Engaging With Stand Visitor

Join us at The Battery Show Europe

Join us from June 18th to 20th at The Battery Show Europe to meet our experts and discover the latest advancements in thermal management technology, so make sure you register and visit our stand at F40 in Hall 9.

We will be showcasing our ground-breaking ATP technology for thermal runaway protection, including Encapsulated ATP Pads for pouch cells and Framed ATP Pads for prismatic cells, as well as our advanced custom solutions for battery pack thermal management.

The Battery Show in Stuttgart is Europe’s largest advanced battery event and a must-attend for anyone in the battery technology space.

Tecman stand F40 | Hall 9 | The Battery Show Europe | 
Messe Stuttgart | Germany | 18th to 20th June 2024 


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