New Sustainable PPE Innovation

to Help NHS Meet Carbon Reduction Targets

Using biomaterial technology, Optec™ Reusable Face Shield System has been developed alongside the NHS as part of our initiative for more sustainable, cost effective PPE solutions.

Like all our face and eye protection products, Optec™ is underpinned by our 4 Pillars of Comfort - feel, performance, sustainability, and cost. In fact, since inception, we have made it our mission to develop safe and comfortable face and eye protection that reduces environmental impact whilst providing cost efficiencies for healthcare systems.

Through investment in new technology and by using innovative processes at our facility in Leamington Spa, the new Optec™ biomaterial system reduces single use plastic by 90%, packaging waste by 52%, and shipping weight by 80%. This creates a more sustainably managed, lower carbon footprint PPE solution for healthcare systems.

Our focus on sustainability resonates with healthcare professionals across the board. In a recent survey carried out by Tecman, 90% of the 156 healthcare workers surveyed communicated growing concerns about the environmental impact of PPE.

Innovations in Bio-Material Technology

To address the environmental issue, we invest a significant percentage of profit into our R&D programme which is focused on the development of bio-sourced material technology for next generation products. Optec™ is a direct result of this research. Using high performance biomaterials made from sustainably forested trees which are manufactured using low carbon footprint processes, Optec™ substantially reduces the use of plastic and environmental impact of PPE.

The reusable system includes a range of optically clear screens with anti-fog properties, including cleanable biomaterials, cleanable impact resistant, and single use screens. The combination of reusable biomaterial headbands and cleanable screens creates a more sustainably managed solution which supports healthcare services in meeting carbon reduction targets.

Benefits of Optec™ Reusable Face Shield System:

  • Supports NHS targets for carbon reduction
  • Reusable biomaterials reduce plastic use and environmental impact of PPE
  • Sustainably managed solution reduces pressure on waste management
  • Easy to clean whilst minimising bacteria build-up
  • Ergonomically designed for improved wearer comfort and protection
  • Cost effective with low price per wear from 7p
  • Cleanable screens for a more sustainable product with no loss of anti-fog
  • Manufactured in the UK using an established QMS

For further information about Optec™ reusable face shield system contact our friendly sales team on 01926 337 466 or email

About Tecman

Tecman Advanced Healthcare Products is a leading UK manufacturer of face and eye protection. Founded in 2020 to address the critical shortage of PPE for NHS workers, the company is now recognised within the healthcare sector as trusted manufacturer of certified face and eye protection products.  

Tecman currently exports throughout Europe, working with global organisations such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure production remains at peak levels.

By consulting NHS healthcare workers and running clinical trials during the design process Tecman is able to incorporate user feedback into the ongoing innovation and development of face and eye protection products. For information visit

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