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Looking to improve sustainability? The answer may be closer to home

‘Buy British’ is usually associated with the food sector but Kevin Porter, Technical Director, suggests that due to the pandemic and environmental factors, it is becoming popular in healthcare as well. British manufacturers often base their pitch on quality and customer service and may be overlooking sustainability as a competitive edge.…


Keeping us safe: At what cost?

Healthcare leaders focus on making care safe and effective, and quite rightly, but is enough attention given to whether new technology and devices are reusable or easily recycled? Kevin Porter, Technical Director, challenges healthcare organisations to encourage the use of more sustainable materials in healthcare innovation.…


PPE manufacturer develops reusable face shield for NHS organisations

An R&D programme tasked with turning bio-sourced materials into PPE for healthcare, has culminated in the launch of Optec® reusable face shield. This article discusses how Optec® addresses the sustainability concerns associated with PPE and prioritises the common comfort issues experienced by healthcare staff.…


New PPE face shields developed to help NHS go green

A biomaterial reusable face shield system, Optec®, has been launched by Tecman to help the NHS reach its carbon emission reduction targets. This Med-Tech Innovation piece dives into the research and investment undertaken in the development of Optec®.…

Coming Soon…Optec® Reusable Face Shield

Coming Soon…Optec™ Reusable Face Shield

We’re gearing up for the launch of a new biomaterial face shield system designed to help healthcare services meet their carbon reduction targets; Optec® Reusable Face Shield System.…

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