Coming Soon…Optec™ Reusable Face Shield

Biomaterial Technology Reusable face shield system

We’re gearing up for the launch of a new biomaterial face shield system designed to help healthcare services meet their carbon reduction targets; Optec™ Reusable Face Shield System.

Optec™ Reusable Face Shield System

In fact, in a recent survey that we carried out, 90% of the 156 healthcare workers surveyed communicated growing concerns about the environmental impact of PPE.

Our latest development tackles these concerns head on due to the reusable face shield using biomaterials developed from sustainability forested trees. Like all our face and eye protection products, Optec™ reusable face shield system is underpinned by our 4 Pillars of Comfort - feel, performance, sustainability, and cost. Our face shields address the need for safe and comfortable protection that is kinder to the environment whilst providing outstanding value to healthcare services.

Biomaterial Technology Developed from Trees

With our new, biomaterial protective face shield system, we have responded to the government’s recommendations for more sustainably managed reusable PPE, developing the eco-friendly face shield alongside the NHS.

Benefits of Tecman’s new biomaterial reusable face shields include:

  • Supports NHS targets for carbon reduction
  • Reusable biomaterials reduce plastic use and environmental impact of PPE
  • Sustainably managed solution reduces pressure on waste management
  • Easy to clean whilst minimising bacteria build-up
  • Options for cleaning include thermal washer-disinfectors and Clinell® wipes
  • New ergonomic design for improved wearer comfort and protection
  • Cost effective low price per wear
  • Cleanable screens for a more sustainable product with no loss of anti-fog

Leading the way in British-made PPE

Since spring 2020, we have been on a mission to make British-engineered protective visors the number one choice for our NHS workers and have been working closely with the NHS ever since. Underpinned by by our 4 Pillars of Comfort, Tecman’s face and eye protection products are developed to provide comfort to the wearer across four key areas - feel, performance, sustainability and cost.


Tecman's 4 Pillars of Comfort

Kevin Porter, Technical Director: “We’ve worked hard alongside the NHS to develop a more sustainable reusable face shield system using biomaterial technology and we’re delighted with the results. This new sustainable solution addresses rising concerns about the environmental impact of disposable PPE, provides value to the NHS, and prioritises wearer comfort and the safety of our vital healthcare workers.”

As part of this drive, we invested over £500,000 in state-of-the-art machinery that enabled us to boost production of our protective face shields to over 1 million units per week. In June 2020, our original face shield became one of the first to receive the sought-after category III complex design PPE level.

In recognition of the product’s quality and comfort, our face shield is specified by the NHS in its product framework and catalogue, and has already been used by hundreds of thousands of frontline healthcare workers.

EN166:2001 Certified Disposable face shield

The next step for Optec™ reusable face shield is to run hospital trials and to incorporate wearer feedback on comfort, safety and durability into the next round of improvements.

About Tecman

Tecman Advanced Healthcare Products is a leading UK manufacturer of face and eye protection. Founded in 2020 to address the critical shortage of PPE for NHS workers, the company is now recognised within the healthcare sector as trusted manufacturer of certified face and eye protection products.  

Tecman currently exports throughout Europe, and have been working with global organisations such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure production remains at peak levels.

By consulting NHS healthcare workers and running clinical trials during the design process Tecman is able to incorporate this user feedback into the ongoing innovation and development of their face and eye protection products. For information email, call +44 (0) 1926 337 466.

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