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Tecman Advanced Material Engineers has extensive experience in automotive OEM, supplying innovative bonding solutions for automotive engineering. In this blog post, we will break down some of our specialty areas and highlight the products used to achieve a precise finish on functional and aesthetic vehicle components.

Automotive OEM for Vehicle Exteriors

Once the chassis and bodywork of a vehicle have been removed from the automotive OEM assembly line, they are typically prepared for multiple stages of surface preparation. These may include powder coating and priming before application of several layers of paint and a polymeric clear coat. Details may then be applied at set localities using spray tools, or hand painting in premium automotive OEM.

Each of these stages requires parts to be selectively masked to ensure uniform coverage of paints or powders. The edges of body panels must also be protected from runoff that can cause an unsightly finish that harms the overall visual impact of the car. Tecman is a specialist in automotive masking applications, offering high-toughness die-cut tapes that are suitable for extreme automotive OEM operating conditions. We supply automotive tapes that can resist high-pressure shot blasting, enabling parts to be masked at extremely fine margins for even the most demanding production and assembly processes.

We also supply a range of bonding products suitable for mounting exterior parts to the body, such as front- and rear-end or side modules: bumpers; emblems; door panels. These are engineered with a dual purpose. They boast outstanding adherence to ensure secure component fixturing, while simultaneously limiting the propagation of NVH into the cabin. Our adhesive tapes have also been used to bond powertrains to chasses, electronic roof systems to bodywork, windows to door columns, and much more.


Tecman is also committed to enhancing and prolonging the surface finish of gloss painted components and other delicate surfaces with a proprietary protection film. This highly formable solution provides superior UV resistance to maintain vehicle aesthetics and provides exceptional clean peel performance, leaving no marks or residue during removal.

Automotive OEM for Vehicle Interiors

The interiors of vehicles must be finished to extremely low tolerances to eliminate potential sources of NVH and maintain the highest-quality finish. Many of the adhesive products used in automotive OEM interiors are designed for concealed applications. Harnessing wires for electronic components and the mounting of mechanical cables is achieved using high-strength bonding tapes that are electronically inert. These insulators are designed to efficiently bundle or harness integral electronics safely while simultaneously protecting them against abrasion.

Automotive OEM adhesives are also routinely applied within the cabin to secure cockpit systems, seating systems, internal door panels, mirrors, and myriad other components. Tecman offers an extensive catalogue of products suitable for discrete adhesive bonding of automotive components with extremely low tolerances and high degrees of functionality.

Tecman Advanced Material Engineers: Automotive OEM Specialists

Tecman Advanced Material Engineers have been supplying unique OEM bonding solutions for over 25 years, overcoming unique challenges in the automotive engineering sector. If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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