Improved Die Cut Tape Machinery

at Tecman

At Tecman, we are committed to continually innovating and improving our manufacturing processes to provide the best possible products and services for our clients. We are currently concluding a 5-year period of expansion and investment in our production facility. In 2015, we expanded our operations with the acquisition of an ultra-precise 320 mm rotary die press, improving our capacity and capability in-line with state of the art technologies. Now, we have underlined that commitment to innovation by expanding our production capacity once again, with the significant investment of a 550 mm rotary die press.

The Ident 550 rotary press is the largest machine of its kind on the European market. It is capable of shearing die cut tape up to 500mm with a large web width of up to 550 mm. The cylindrical component of the rotary die cutter can rotate at speeds of up to 150 m/minute, with a power-lifting mechanism to improve the handling of die cut tapes. This increased capacity, speed, and sophistication improves Tecman’s standing as one of Europe’s leading die cut tape manufacturers.

Kevin Porter, Managing Director of Tecman, outlined the investment plan back in 2015, explaining: “Our fundamental objective is to develop our organization into one that delivers products and solutions that go beyond our customers’ expectation…If we can provide a product and service that adds tangible value to our clients' application, then we're achieving what we set out to do."

Die cut tape processing forms the basis of many Tecman services and products, acting as the foundation of our distinctive bonding and sealing solutions range. Our die cut tape conversion processes consider numerous bespoke parameters to meet client-specific requirements, including:

  • Component or equipment dimensions;
  • Mechanical tolerances;
  • Additional material layering;
  • Flexible budgets;
  • Presentation configured to optimise application.

These unique considerations add significant value to the excellent mechanical procedures enabled by our growing facility.

Tecman: Leading Die Cut Tape Manufacturers

At Tecman, we are committed to providing the broadest and most accomplished range of industrial adhesive products available. The acquisition of the 550 mm rotary die press is part of the concluding phase of a significant period of investment into die cut tape manufacturing equipment.

If you would like any more information about our die cut tape processing equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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