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While mechanical fittings still serve a crucial role in engineering and production, innovative adhesive tape technologies have proven essential for the design of lightweight large-scale structures and highly-functional miniaturized components. This has been true for over a century. Adhesive bonding was fundamentally important during the early years of aviation and is still critical for aircraft design today. Aerospace designers demand bonding solutions that can withstand harsh operating conditions, including severe thermal cycling and moisture ingress.

Speed of Application

The early benefits of adhesive bonding solutions were self-evident to designers in a range of markets, and they were rapidly adopted at commercial scales far beyond air- and rotorcraft engineering. Double-sided adhesive tapes have proven pivotal in accelerating product assembly and manufacturing, offering a novel solution for applying adhesives with exceptional uniformity and repeatability.

Automotive designers have discovered a raft of benefits from adhesive bonding solutions like double-sided tapes and structural adhesive films. They reduce designer reliance on mechanical fittings and can reliably join workpieces much faster than mechanical joining like spot welding, and without the use of expensive equipment. DAAT® technology is a unique development that combines the structural performance of epoxy adhesive with the rapid application of standard adhesive tape. DAAT® is redefining the structural bonding of differential materials.

DAAT® Technology

Reliable Performance

Adhesive bonding solutions provide a raft of additional performance benefits compared to standard mechanical fixtures. VHPB adhesive tapes, for example, have successfully reduced the reliance of metal-to-metal bonding in vehicles, which has demonstrated the benefit of reducing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in the cabin. These high-strength bonding solutions can perform as reliably as spot welds, rivets, screws, and bolts while reducing the propagation of engine and road noise into the cabin, whilst also reducing structural weak points.

The renewable energy sector is also discovering the benefits of VHPB bonding solutions. Wind turbines have utilized adhesive tapes in the bonding of noise-reducing serrations to blades and performance-enhancing gurney flaps and vortex lifters. Tecman’s 15-VHPB series boasts excellent thermodynamic stability, guaranteeing long-term component adhesion even when applied in and subsequently subjected to sub-zero temperatures.

Tecman's VHPB07 grey adhesive tape

This thermomechanical performance has been matched by the broadened electrical capabilities of modern adhesive tapes. Tecman offers both electronically conductive and insulating bonding solutions. These can be die cut to ensure optimal fits for miniaturized printed circuit boards (PCBs), unlocking new levels of performance for emerging electronics.

Clean Removal

Transfer tapes have also assisted in the bonding of transparent and glossy materials with high performance and clean removal. This ensures that glass and chrome components such as windscreens and trims can be bonded to various substrates without a tacky finish, guaranteeing the highest quality aesthetics in looks-driven markets.

Bonding solutions that leave no residue with low tack are increasingly desired in the medical device sector. These must be developed with an ethical understanding of the application area, and a patient-centric attitude to component design. Tecman bonding solutions can sufficiently enhance the usability of healthcare-based products as varied as wound care products to surgical devices, in accordance with all the relevant medical accreditations.

Bonding Solutions from Tecman Advanced Material Engineers

Tecman has decades of experience providing adhesive tapes and proprietary bonding solutions for a range of markets, including automotive, aerospace and aviation, defence, electronics, healthcare, and medical device manufacturing. We help designers of household products and specialist technologies alike exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and design.

Our ready-to-order and tailor-made bonding solutions provide rapid and reliable adhesion properties. This provides long-term performance in even the most demanding areas of application. If you would like to learn more about bonding and mounting with Tecman products, simply:

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