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As technology gets smaller and more compact, adhesive tapes have been adopted to remove the need for large fasteners. Everything from mobile phones, televisions, and white goods use adhesive tapes for various components within them.

Different types of electronic devices can benefit from different adhesive tape products, this blog post will outline some of the electronic adhesive solutions from Tecman.

Screen Bonding

As touch screens are becoming increasingly adopted in everyday electronics, effective screen bonding is an important consideration for electronic manufacturers. The touch panel of these screens is often constructed of several layers; a polyester film, top resistive circuit, conductive ITO film, a bottom resistive circuit layer, and a glass or acrylic base.

The intricacy of these layers requires an equally advanced electronic adhesive tape to ensure that they are bonded successfully, without compromising any of the electronics or touch screen capability.

Tecman are suppliers of a range of 3M™VHB™ and Vhpb tapes that are perfect for screen bonding applications. These adhesive tapes are available in a range of colours including clear, and they are high performance and have very high bond strength.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation properties are a newer advance for the electronics industry with the rise of sound-cancelling headphones in addition to the standard sound insulation to reduce noise and vibration.

In the past, acoustic insulation for electronics has resulted in increased weight which is something that the sector is trying to avoid. Tecman have developed some innovative materials that can be laminated with electronic adhesive tapes that provide the highest levels of sound insulation while reducing weight over other materials.

Our leading sound insulating materials for the electronics industry include open and closed cell urethane polyester and polyether foams, and new technology semi-open cell EPDM.

Protection Films

As we’ve already mentioned, touch screens are increasingly popular in the electronics sector, from mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. These touch screens are susceptible to smashing, scratches, and scuffs, as well as issues with glare and fingerprint marks.

Our range of electronic adhesive tapes include screen protectors made from clear protection films, which provide anti-scratch, anti-glare, and anti-fingerprint properties. The protection films are formulated from a high-grade silicone adhesive that provides the best clarity and does not leave any residue behind after use.

Electronic Adhesive Tapes from Tecman

Tecman have years of experience in developing electronic adhesive tape solutions for products including mobile phones, tablets, and white goods. Combining the most innovative processes, advanced materials, and our knowledge of the application requirements allows us to create solutions that work.

If you would like any more information about our full range of electronic adhesive solutions please contact us.

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