Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2023: Post-Event Q&A

Our team reflect on the expo, our latest thermal management solution & the UK EV industry

Key industry experts and professionals met over two busy days at Battery Cells & Systems Expo where we were delighted to be an exhibitor for the second time. Last year was a successful exhibition for Tecman and this year proved to be even more so, exceeding our expectations.

The launch of our industry leading system for manufacturing advanced thermal cell barriers drew interest from across the industry, including automotive OEM’s and battery pack manufacturers. On the whole, the event provided the opportunity to not only demonstrate our solutions, but to also exchange information with leading industry experts.

Wayne Matthews, Head of Sales, and Lee O'Shaughnessy, Business Development Executive, at Battery Cells & Systems Expo

So, we decided to catch up with Wayne Matthews (above left), Head of Sales, and Lee O’Shaughnessy (above right), Business Development Executive, to reflect on the exhibition and what they learned from conversations with industry professionals at the show.

What were the highlights from this year’s Battery Cells & Systems Expo, and did the event meet your expectations?

Wayne: Yes, I think it surpassed my expectations this year. Mainly due to the high number of promising conversations that we had with key people, from innovative start-ups all the way up to large OEMs, about their projects and challenges and how our solutions can help.

Lee: It exceeded my expectations and felt even busier than last year! A highlight for me was our exclusive launch presentation which brought together individuals actively involved in addressing challenges in thermal cell barrier technology, highlighting the significant interest in our latest solutions.

Kevin Porter unveils Tecman latest innovation in thermal management for battery development

Focusing on the launch presentation of Tecman's industry-leading manufacturing system for advanced thermal cell barrier technology: What was the general reception, and what benefits do you think it provides for Tecman's customers?

Lee: The general reception was fantastic! A lot of people were very excited about the features of the manufacturing system and the advanced thermal cell barriers that it makes possible. The level of customization in the advanced cell barrier and the impressive high volumes and small footprint of the manufacturing process were also popular talking points.

Wayne: I think Kevin's launch presentation and our launch materials clearly show the development journey that we have been on with some major automotive OEMs and that we have valuable experience in successfully solving challenges within this application. This helps build confidence that we are the trusted partner to consult with regarding thermal cell barrier technology and the manufacturing process.

In addition to the launch presentation, what do you think drew visitors to the Tecman stand? 

Wayne: We went to the show with an eagerness to solve important thermal management challenges in the industry and that could be seen in the enthusiasm and positive approach of our team. The combination of that and our depth of knowledge and experience, drew a lot of people to come and speak to us.  

Lee: Also, we did a good job of focusing our exhibition stand on solutions to the industry’s most important thermal management challenges. Visitors could see the value in the solutions we’ve been developing, and we had a lot of component samples that visitors could look at, touch, and talk to us about. 

Wayne Matthews, Head of Sales, and the Tecman team talking to stand visitors at Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2023

What did visitors want to talk about the most, and was it different from last year?  

Lee: As you would expect we had a lot of conversations about our advanced thermal management solutions for battery packs, and following our exclusive launch, we spoke to a lot more people about thermal cell barrier technology than we did last year.  

Wayne: This year, the visitors I spoke to seemed to have a clearer understanding of the thermal management challenges they are facing and the performance improvements that matter most to them. This helped us to quickly focus on the most suitable thermal management solutions and to highlight the performance and added value that we can deliver.  

Lastly, what insights did you gather at the exhibition about the current health of the UK EV industry?

Lee: The expo was well attended, which is a good sign. And once again the range of exhibitors and attendees show that the UK has all the components for a thriving EV supply chain, and it felt like the industry is gathering pace in the right direction.

Wayne: It was encouraging to learn more about the wide range of important EV and battery development challenges that are being tackled by companies and experts in the UK. The UK’s shift to electrification was clear to see at the expo, which I think is a good thing for the UK and the global automotive industry.


Did you miss Tecman's exclusive product launch at Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2023?

If you missed the unveiling of Tecman’s latest innovation, then information about our industry leading manufacturing system for OEM approved Framed ATP Pads is available here:



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