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Tecman Launches Successful ATP Technology into Europe

Tecman announce the launch of its Anti-thermal Propagation technology into Europe at The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart. This ground-breaking thermal cell barrier technology can enhance cell life and optimise performance, while increasing the thermal propagation delay to over 20 minutes.…

Battery Show Europe 2024 pre-show Q&A

Countdown to Battery Show Europe 2024

The Tecman team are excited to be exhibiting at The Battery Show 2024 in Stuttgart, so we caught up with some key Tecman staff to get behind the scenes insights at our plans for the show and Tecman’s innovative thermal management solutions.…

Transforming the EV landscape

Pioneering scalability & innovation in EV thermal management

Demands for improved Electric Vehicle performance are increasing and this requires innovation in battery pack thermal management. Learn how we support OEMs to address thermal management challenges in battery packs by developing new solutions using existing and proven materials in more innovative ways.…


How innovations in materials are changing the EV landscape

Kevin Porter, Managing Director, at Tecman discusses how innovations in sustainable materials and process innovations are significantly transforming the electric vehicle (EV) industry by reducing environmental impact and improving efficiency.…

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