NVH Management Products

from Tecman

NVH Management Products from Tecman

In the automotive engineering industry, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) refer to a vehicle’s levels of mechanical feedback, which can be caused and impacted by numerous factors. Vibration may refer to the extent of the engine oscillations while a vehicle is idling, while noise may include extensive aural outputs from an exhaust or increased airflow noise at higher speeds. From a commercial perspective, NVH management is crucial for providing high-performance vehicles that do not compromise passenger comfort, while optimal NVH management also provides significant extraneous benefits such as a reduction in noise pollution.

This post will explore the NVH management products available from Tecman UK in more detail, and outline their benefits for automotive manufacturing:

Acoustic Insulation for NVH Management

Vehicular insulation for NVH management is primarily installed to reduce the aural harshness from the mechanical and electronic components of the car. The earliest NVH assessments addressed the periodic noise and vibrations of the engine, which typically disturb passenger comfort when a vehicle is idling or accelerating rapidly.

Noise dampeners and anti-rattle pads are installed to reduce rattling through the dashboard and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems during these instances. Foams and non-woven fabrics such as mouldable felts are routinely used to bridge cavities and insulate ducts to compensate for periodic engine noise and vibrations. We also work with advanced Poron® foams to dampen excessive vibrations for high-performance sports cars.

The transmission of vibrations through the wheels and their drive trains is a significant source of constant noise, the levels of which vary depending upon wheel size and tyre-tread portfolio. Wide profile tyres can transmit significantly more vibration due to their increased surface area, while lower-profile tyres tend to be less absorptive to vibration. Our high-performance range of NVH management insulation is available with multiple bespoke features to provide robust ambient noise and vibration reduction for vehicles of varying dimensions and power capabilities.

Our range of acoustic and thermal insulation materials for NVH management provides sufficient insulation for constant, periodic, and random sources of noise and vibration. The materials we work with include:

  • ALFA® UL Series: A range of lightweight, ultra-fine fibre, high performance, acoustic absorbing material flexurally laid, providing higher performance with less weight;
  • ALFA® HL Series: A very fine fibre high-loft polyester non-woven with high performing acoustic absorbing properties;
  • ALFA® HvL Series: Used throughout the vehicle as a sound barrier due to the products heavy composition, providing excellent sound attenuation properties
  • ALFA® NP Series: A lightweight, high performance, acoustic absorbing material. Needle punched fibre offers excellent anti-rattle and anti-squeak properties. Can be combined with additional materials to create high performance laminates.

These materials can be made available with open or sealed edges and clip inserts to ensure ease of integration for a choice of vehicles. They are used to insulate car chassis to minimize road and wind noise, and to counteract engine harshness by absorbing vibrations. Adhesive backed materials can also be used to support upholstery and improve passenger and driver comfort. NVH management components represent a cost-effective way to actualize a good balance between performance and comfort.

NVH Management with Tecman UK

Tecman UK is a specialist in the manufacture of advanced materials for NVH management, providing high-quality products for improved vehicle comfort and performance with at lower associated costs. We have extensive experience of developing specialty materials for high-value applications, and are always looking to innovate our products and introduce new solutions to the Tecman brand.

If you would like any more information about our NVH management products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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