Improving Interior Trims

with Automotive Adhesive Tape

The interior trim of a car is critical for completing the sense of style established by the exterior design, from the cozy ambience of family-focused people carriers to the plush and authentic finish of premium business-class vehicles.

This is achieved by careful consideration of each unique element that adds a tactile or aesthetic quality to the vehicle cabin, including headliner fabrics; carpeting material, door card, and dashboard materials; seating upholstery; steering wheel finish; and more.

High Performance Adhesive Tape

Fitting these often-disparate materials together requires high-performance bonding materials that ensure the aesthetic qualities of the interior trim do not impede the vehicle’s functionality. Automotive adhesive tapes are often used to secure fixtures and textiles to the cabin substrate, replacing pins and clips that could loosen over time and generate unpleasant rattling noises. OEM’s also use liquid adhesives such as polyphenylene ether (PPE) to bond interior trims, but automotive adhesive tapes have gradually overtaken the use of PPE for vehicular applications.

This blog post explores how interior detailing and trim installation can be improved using automotive adhesive tape.

PPE Compared to Automotive Adhesive Tapes

There are numerous health implications associated with the use of liquid adhesives such as PPE. Although it is a commonly used industrial thermoplastic that is both broadly characterized and regulated, PPE-use remains problematic from a health and safety perspective. Automotive adhesive tapes eliminate this issue from interior trim installation using innovative pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology.

Tecman Advanced Material Engineers have developed a range of automotive adhesive tapes comprising a layer of PSA with no carrier, and a silicone-coated release layer. This enables the simple and clean application of adhesive strips that naturally follow the contours and minute metrological details of the application surface. These high-tack transfer tapes are suitable for bonding difficult materials such as fabrics and low surface energy (LSE) polymers, as they stretch in multiple directions to provide consistent bonding. This makes them broadly suited for use on carpets, E leathers, fabrics, films, and other flexible materials.

Automotive Adhesive Tapes from Tecman Advanced Material Engineers

Tecman Advanced Material Engineers is an authority in bonding materials for automotive applications. We supply an extensive range of automotive adhesive tapes suitable for securing interior trims, with improvements in terms of initial application and ongoing adhesive performance.

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