Designing diagnostic components

Advanced bespoke components for the diagnostic industry

Tecman have a track record of designing and developing bespoke solutions for the life science sector, particularly in diagnostics.

The pandemic helped highlight the UK’s strengths in diagnostics design and manufacture and the importance of the diagnostics sector as a whole, in which SMEs play a key role. The sector’s highly integrated supply chain relies on SME specialisation because of the level of complexity of many products. This specialisation, by firms like Tecman, involves the supply of specific components for devices and products in use across the world.

Die-cut medical pads on a roll


The value of a proven partner

Tecman have a track record of working with diagnostic manufacturers to help them source and develop bespoke components for a huge variety of tools, covering everything from diagnostics strips and microfluidic sealing tape to self-adhesive disposable surgical items and body fluid absorption pads. Tecman often supply these as white label to customers, who integrate them into existing product lines or launch new ones.

Tecman engineers have deep expertise to draw on, working with some of the biggest names in healthcare, but crucially also bringing cross-sector expertise to projects by drawing on diverse experience to bring new ideas into the mix. Strong industry partnerships with the likes of tesa®, 3M™ and Nitto also provide access to a wide range of innovative materials for use in diagnostic component manufacturing.

Previous work includes a focus on sterilisation diagnostics, developing hydrogen peroxide testing strips, which Tecman have been supplying for almost 10 years. These are vital in contamination management and infection control, particularly in a secondary care setting.

Engineered die-cut solutions developed to exact requirements

As a company, we strive to surpass customer expectations by adding value to the diagnostic component manufacturing process through our extensive capabilities and deep expertise. Tecman offer customers advanced die-cutting capabilities and are able to service high-volume manufacturing requirements by considering this need throughout the whole design process to make sure the end product can be manufactured as required.

Advanced medical die-cut component

This strength has led us to working with life sciences customers to manufacture complex die-cut adhesive components for well and sealing plates that are part of a Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) screening kit. These kits are a medium for crystallizing membrane proteins – forming the crystals is usually slow and difficult so these kits are important, especially because of the role the proteins play in cellular interactions.

To find out more about Tecman’s work in the diagnostics sector and discuss how we could help solve your challenges, please our technical team.

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