DAAT® Technology

Structural Adhesive Film

DAAT® Structural Adhesive Film

Tecman's most advanced technology to date, DAAT® Dual Action Adhesive Tape, has been formulated to meet the increasingly complex field of structural bonding of multi-materials.

DAAT® technology incorporates the benefits of conventional adhesive tape with the performance of structural epoxy adhesive, creating a superior dual-action structural adhesive film that outperforms many liquid epoxy adhesives in the same classification.

The advanced adhesive formulation provides exceptional structural bonding and sealing properties to dissimilar materials, including high strength steel, aluminium, magnesium, high temperature plastics, composites and oily steel with a cured shear strength of up to 39.8 MPa.  

DAAT® technology includes a double sided high tack dual action structural bonding tape for multi-material bonding and version featuring two differential sides, one high tack adhesive for initial positioning, the second with a low tack (or no tack) adhesive for close fitting components to slide into place before the structural bond if formed.

DAAT® technology provides engineers with greater design flexibility plus a multitude of other benefits:

  • Superior cured shear adhesion of up to 39.8 MPa.
  • Simplified application with no issues with open time or controlling adhesive slump.
  • Low cost curing with rapid cure times.
  • High green strength enabling instant adhesion between differential materials.
  • Multi material bonding including high strength steel, aluminium, composites and oily steel.
  • Controlled bond line maintains a consistent adhesive thickness and defined bonding area.
  • Adaptable technology which can be modified to include various characteristics and specific design requirements.


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