Bonding Solutions

for Permanent Automotive Mountings

Wear is a significant factor throughout the lifetime of industrial and commercial vehicles, from internal friction and gradual mechanical degradation to external weathering. Permanent exterior fixtures suffer the most significant weathering effects during regular operation. Wind, rain, and small particle abrasion from uneven terrain can contribute towards overarching vehicular deterioration, causing both structural and aesthetic damage.

Weather-resistant bonding solutions enhance the longevity of exterior appliques and components by providing more secure adhesion to the vehicle’s superstructure over longer lifetimes. Conventional tapes begin to lose their adhesive properties due to thermal fluctuation and unavoidable ambient conditions. This, in turn, reduces the stability of hood mountings, antennas, decorative trims, and more, making them increasingly susceptible to damage and removal.

Tecman UK has launched a new line of bonding solutions designed to improve the adhesion of exterior automotive mountings and provide sustained resistance to weathering effects, for better-looking cars in all conditions.

Bonding Solutions: VHPB Tapes

Our automotive series of very high-performance bond (VHPB) tapes are engineered using a visco-elastic carrier with an acrylic foam core that is inherently resistant to interior and exterior thermal fluctuations. It is a unique bonding solution that can compensate for differential thermo-mechanical values between mating surfaces such as a bonnet and a hood mounting.

The tape itself is comprised of acrylic between 0.5 – 1.2-millimetre thicknesses, for flush bonding to reduce seams between exterior components and maximise the aesthetic impact of the vehicle’s finish. This can be applied to emblems, window laces, pillar appliques, and more.

What makes these bonding solutions unique is the comprehensive resistance to ageing and weathering. They boast very good stability across a temperature range of -40°C – 90°C, and very good resistance to humidity. This is accompanied with excellent cold shock performance to ensure maximum component security in adverse conditions.

This range of bonding solutions includes:

  •         15-VHPB AB050
  •         15-VHPB AB080
  •         15-VHPB AB120
  •         15-VHPB AB150

Each of these products is used extensively by OEMs, providing enhanced material performance for some of the most robust vehicles on the market.

Bonding Solutions from Tecman

Tecman UK offers a unique range of bonding solutions for the automotive sector, with specialised materials providing a unique interaction of weathering resistance and mechanical performance. Our VHPB tapes represent one of the highest-performing bonding solutions for exterior vehicle mounting in extremely low temperatures, providing secure adhesion for essential vehicle stylings.

If you would like any more information about our bonding solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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