Thermal Management Solutions & Exhibitor Q&A

Ahead of Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2022

In the build-up to Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2022 on 29th & 30th June at Birmingham NEC, we caught up with our Technical Director, Kevin Porter, for a Q&A spotlight on Tecman’s thermal management solutions and what visitors to the Tecman stand (17-518) can expect. 


What does Tecman specialise in? 

Tecman Advanced Material Engineers specialise in the conversion and application of advanced materials, from thermal interface materials to adhesive tape technology. We are experts at leveraging material properties and engineering expertise to develop superior die-cut solutions that not only solve our customers’ challenges but also add value due to their application. 

What are the benefits of Tecman’s thermal management technologies? 

We cross-link technology from multiple industries and partner with cutting edge material manufacturers such as Sekisui and tesa® so our customers benefit from both next-generation technology and the highest performing materials. For example, our specialist thermal insulation materials developed for the oil and gas industry are the most effective technology available for the prevention of thermal propagation between battery cells.  

Tecman Anti-Thermal Propagation Pad


What are the benefits of working with Tecman? 

It’s our capabilities and collaborative approach. We can source the most effective advanced materials, add value through intelligent design and conversion techniques and provide engineering and application support. We have expert knowledge of our technologies and collaborate with our customers to gain a deep understanding of their applications. We combine this with our innovative conversion equipment and a tenacious attitude which enable us to develop value-add solutions.  

What are you showcasing at Battery Cells & Systems Expo? 

We will be showcasing our ground-breaking anti-thermal propagation technology for superior thermal insulation between cells, as well as thermal interface materials and a wider range of thermal management materials. 

What innovations are you currently working on? 

We are currently working on integrating our anti-thermal propagation technology into an EV battery module in collaboration with the OEM, battery manufacturer, and supply partner. It’s a really exciting project that is breaking ground and pushing boundaries. 

Thermal Management for EV Battery Design

What can visitors expect from your stand? 

Knowledge transfer and lots of materials to see and handle! We thrive on solving problems and overcoming challenges so the more we can understand the specific issues engineers and material specialists are currently facing the more we can do to support them. We also know how much people love to see the materials, so we always bring plenty of samples.  

What excites you most about advanced battery development?

The most exciting thing for us is that it’s such a rapidly developing sector that is pushing the boundaries of technology and performance in every aspect. The industry is perfectly aligned with our inherent drive for innovation and enthusiasm to surpass expectations, we can’t help but be excited about it!   

What will you be looking out for at Battery Cells & Systems Expo? 

At the event, we will be looking for people that are trying to break barriers, push through boundaries and overcome engineering challenges. We’d love people to come to our stand with their projects and directly challenge us with solving their thermal management issues. 

If visitors should know one thing about Tecman, what would it be? 

We love challenges. We take a collaborative approach to every project with an enthusiasm to provide solutions that enhance our customers’ application or product. 


Visit us on stand 17-518 to discuss your battery systems projects and learn about our thermal management solutions, including thermal interface materials and anti-thermal propagation pads with superior insulation between cells. 

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