High Performance Adhesive Tape

What are Industrial Adhesive Tapes?

What are Industrial Adhesive Tapes?

Industrial adhesives are chemical compounds that are used to bond components. Most industrial adhesives are used in fastening applications.

They are substances which are capable of joining materials by surface bonding, otherwise known as adhesion and by internal bonding, i.e. cohesion.

Industrial adhesives and industrial adhesive tapes are a vital component in a wide range of industries.

Types of Industrial Adhesive Tapes

There are many different types of industrial adhesive tapes currently on the market, they are used in a variety of construction tasks and industries.

Different adhesive tapes are classified based on their composition or properties.

Tecman provides a variety of industrial adhesive tapes, including high performance double-sided adhesive tapes such as VHB tape, and double-sided foam tapes.

Industries Served

Tecman provides a wide range of industrial adhesive tape solutions to a variety of industries. These include the automotive industry, rail, renewable energy, healthcare and medical, aerospace and defense, and consumer electronics.

Benefits of Industrial Adhesive Tapes

All of Tecman’s industrial adhesive tape solutions are designed and developed to reduce overall costs and application time when using them.

For example, in the automotive industry, we work in close collaboration with our clients to provide bespoke adhesive tape solutions that add considerable value, including weight reduction, rapid assembly, and better product performance.

Our advanced manufacturing and conversion facility enables us to develop a vast range of die-cut components using customised liner configurations and presentation styles. Our adhesive tape solutions are designed to optimise manufacturing and assembly processes and enhance the final product.

Our core objective for all projects is to deliver high quality products that help minimise our customers overall costs while maximising the efficiency of the assembly process.

Using industrial adhesive tapes as an alternative to traditional joining methods provides a lightweight and clean option that helps reduce application time and overall manufacturing costs.

What we Offer

At Tecman we manufacture and source the most innovative, industrial adhesive tapes, foams and specialist materials from our supplier base of leading adhesive tape and technical material manufacturers to deliver a complete solution for our clients.

Years of experience assist us in developing next-generation industrial adhesive based solutions through the innovative use of specialist materials and new processes. With a focus on performance, reliability, and endurance, Tecman consistently lead the way in developing bespoke solutions that add tangible value.

By working with our clients' design team at the early stage of the project we gain deep insight into the manufacturing and assembly application and ultimately what it needs to achieve.

Our solutions are based on over 20 years of industry, product and application knowledge and we achieve results for our clients that improve overall performance to push efficiency up and costs down.

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