Specialist Automotive Masking

for Shot Blasting and Powder Coating

Many of the processes that go into fabricating high-performance vehicles remain largely unsung, providing functional benefits with very little aesthetic impact. These include shot blasting surface panels to alter their substrates and optimise paint uptake in the resulting spray-coating phase, and powder coating to improve the mechanical capacities of various components within the vehicle superstructure. Critical, intensive processes such as these require specialist automotive masking to ensure that the effects are localised to specific parts of the product.

This article will explore the capacities of specialist automotive masking products for shot blasting and powder coating processes:

Specialist Automotive Masking for Shot Blasting

Shot blasting, or sandblasting, is a surface treatment process using a continuous stream of pressurised abrasive particles to alter the surface chemistry of a mechanical component. It is routinely used to strip paintwork from recycled vehicle panels and to refurbish or repair vehicle chasses. Typically, the automotive sector uses bead blasting methods as opposed to sandblasting, as small glass beads provide a greater surface uniformity. The converse effect of this is that the shot is relatively heavy, presenting distinct difficulties for conventional automotive masking products.

Specialist automotive masking for shot blasting applications is developed to withstand even the heaviest shot used in automotive surface treatment, with exceptional adhesion and low residue after removal. It is designed as a synthetic skin to improve the efficacy of shot blasting procedures and reduce incidental, undesirable surface distortion.

Tecman UK provides a specialist automotive masking solution for shot blasting applications, comprising a proprietary skin of synthetic fibers and toughened adhesive rubber. This specialist automotive masking tape is removable with little to no adhesive residue after a period of seven days.

Specialist Automotive Masking for Powder Coating

Powder coating is the process of treating the surface of a material with metallic powders to improve its mechanical properties and resistances. Crucial automotive components such as head gaskets, suspension springs, and brake calipers are routinely treated with powder coatings to reduce their susceptibility to corrosion by heat, water, and various chemicals. This is integral for improving the service lives of components and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Specialist automotive masking is regularly used for powder coating applications, to mask sensitive components or to block gaps in the chassis as components undergo heat-intensive treatment processes. This necessitates high-temperature specialist automotive masking solutions to protect components throughout the curing phase.

Tecman has produced a range of high-temperature specialist automotive masking tapes capable of withstanding curing temperatures of up to 210°C (410°F). It is thoroughly equipped to protect electronic components during critical powder coating processes and has been used in conjunction with tinned copper for specialised automotive masking applications.

Specialist Automotive Masking from Tecman UK

Tecman is a leading supplier of high-performance die-cut tape products for an array of applications, providing optimised solutions for crucial industry procedures. Our specialist automotive masking products can be developed to a range of thicknesses with varying properties for unique customer requirements.

If you would like any more information about our specialist automotive masking products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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