Preventative Solution

to Eliminate Residual Metal Swarf

Tecman have developed a new solution to prevent residual metal swarf entering apertures during manufacturing processes. The solution cuts out the need for a manual process to remove trapped swarf, saving significant production time and resource.

With an increase in the use of automatic machinery within the manufacturing industry, production lines are becoming more profitable through increased productivity and a reduction in skilled operators.  However when machining metal is involved, this streamlined production line is compromised due to residual swarf (metal filings or shavings produced during the tooling process).

Working alongside one of the largest manufacturing companies in the UK, our technicians were tasked with developing a solution to reduce the inefficiencies created by the swarf during the manufacturing process.  Whilst machining metal castings, the client was experiencing a problem with swarf being driven inside the casting and becoming trapped.

It is a significant problem when there are narrow apertures present in the casting, as the swarf becomes wedged in-between the cavities.  The result of residual swarf could be that particles are pulled into air, liquid or other systems, potentially blocking filters or even causing physical damage to an integrated flow.

Swarf removal is difficult, very inefficient and can be a huge waste of valuable processing time and resource.  Current removal processes range from power flushing systems through to the labour intensive, manual removal after machining. 

Our solution to the problems created by residual swarf is based on prevention rather than corrective processing. The solution focuses on actually blocking the narrow apertures with carefully selected materials which are easily applied.  The material is held in place using an adhesive backing during the casting process and effectively eliminates the swarf ingression.  It is then removed after the machining process is complete. This preventive solution cuts out the need for a manual process to remove trapped swarf from the apertures, saving our client a total time equating to over 5000 hours per annum. 

Please contact a member of our team for more information about our preventative solution to eliminate residual metal swarf on + (0) 1926 337466 or contact us and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your application.

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