Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2022: Post-Event Q&A

Thermal Management Solutions & UK EV Industry

After previously being postponed due to the pandemic, the eagerly anticipated Battery Cells & Systems Expo finally took place over two days at the NEC. This was Tecman’s first time exhibiting at the event and with one of the largest exhibition stands at the show, thanks in part to a collaboration with tesa®, one of our key supply partners.

The event presented an exciting opportunity to exchange knowledge and talk with visitors about their current projects and challenges as well as discuss our advanced thermal management solutions for battery development – one of which is currently being integrated into an EV battery module in collaboration with the OEM, battery manufacturer, and supply partner.

To learn more about the event and how well Tecman’s thermal management solutions were received, we caught up with Tecman’s Head of Sales, Wayne Matthews:

What were the highlights of the event for you?

To attend an event after such a long break and be able to welcome visitors onto a Tecman stand again! The show seemed to be the perfect timing for a lot of people with battery projects that are experiencing the challenges of thermal management. So, there were some fantastic opportunities to discuss how our solutions and experience within this sector can help and add value at a critical stage.

Tecman UK stand at Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2022

What did the event tell you about the current health of the UK EV industry?

I think it was a good sign that the event was very well attended. I was pleased to learn about the large number of active EV projects in the UK and the wide range of challenges & applications that are being undertaken. Generally, it’s clear that the shift to electrification has given the industry a boost and brought in a new wave of learning, investment and consideration of approaches and solutions, which I think will ultimately be good for the industry and consumers.

It was a busy couple of days, what do you think drew visitors to the Tecman stand?

Before the event we said that we’d love visitors to walk onto our stand and tell us about their thermal management challenges, so we can see how our advanced solutions can help. I think that passion and willingness to embrace a challenge was visible in our pre-show build-up, our stand design, marketing materials, and in the enthusiasm and approach of our salespeople. I think that love of the challenge, along with our depth of knowledge and experience across key applications, drew a lot of visitors to speak to us.

The Tecman sales team at Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2022

What did visitors want to know most about Tecman’s thermal management solutions? 

As you would expect, the people we spoke to were very interested in our advanced materials, our superior solutions and how we could help with the challenges they are facing. Fundamentally, I think customers are most concerned with assessing if you are the right company for a long-term partnership, of collaboration and adding tangible value.  

Tecman sales team speaking to visitors at Battery Cells & Systems 2022

From our customers' point of view, what do you think they value most about a partnership with Tecman? 

I think our customers value our determination to surpass expectations and add value over the long term and appreciate that we go the extra distance to use insight and consideration to provide an optimum solution. For example, we’re a converter with a deep understanding of the science behind advanced materials. And we apply that freedom and engineering expertise to select the most suitable and innovative materials to enhance and add-value.   


Didn't make it to Battery Cells & Systems Expo?

If you didn’t manage to visit the Tecman stand, our new Guide to Thermal Management for Battery Development is available as a download and takes you through the advanced materials and ground-breaking solutions that were showcased at the event.  

Also, look out for highlights from our stand and some great new content on Tecman’s advanced thermal management solutions over the coming weeks. 

View our New Guide to Thermal Management

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