High Performance Adhesive Tapes

for Renewable Energy Applications

The global renewable energy market is growing rapidly as alternative energy sources are required to replace traditional sources where supplies are becoming limited. Innovation is at the forefront of this growth while keeping the new technologies safe and cost-effective.

High performance adhesive tapes are widely employed in the renewable energy market due to their versatility and range of features. This blog post will discuss some of the applications in the renewable energy market where adhesive tapes are employed.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is the process of using air flow through wind turbines to generate electrical power. It is a popular type of renewable energy as it produces no greenhouse gases and doesn’t require a lot of space.

Wind energy does have some drawbacks, and adhesive tapes are being used to help overcome some of these. Wind turbines are often placed in some of the worlds harshest environments, from deserts to in the middle of the sea, and these environments can place some strain onto the turbines.

Protection films are used to provide protection to wind turbine blades that are subjected to harsh environments.

Vortex generators optimise airflow around the blade root, bonded using high performance adhesive tape, they are also used in aircraft design for similar applications.

Wind turbines can also be a source of noise and vibration. Serrations are designed to reduce blade noise and improve power lift, and are attached using high performance adhesive tape. Due to the products excellent bond at sub-zero temperatures, they are suitable for factory-fit and retro-fit applications.

To optimise lift, drag and moment coefficient, gurney flaps are bonded to the surface of the blade using high performance adhesive tape.

Solar Power

Solar power is the process of converting sunlight into electricity, generally by using a photovoltaic. Possibly the most widely adopted form of renewable energy, solar power has now become commercial with homeowners installing PV cells on rooftops, in addition to traditional solar farms.

High performance adhesive tapes can be used in PV cells to remove the requirement of mechanical fasteners, which can make the cells extremely bulky and hard to install. High performance adhesive tapes used as fasteners also completely remove any stress points in the PV cell, which could cause the cells to break easily.

The solar power industry is expanding and more innovative approaches are being created. One of these new approaches is the introduction of flexible solar panels. High performance adhesive tapes will be widely adopted in these new solar panels, as traditional fasteners are rigid and would not allow the flexibility required to produce the panels.

High Performance Adhesive Tapes for the Renewable Energy Market from Tecman

Tecman's products are trusted and employed by some of the largest renewable energy companies across the globe. We have been developing and shipping customised adhesive solutions to the industry for over 25 years.

Our adhesive solutions are developed to withstand all environmental conditions and provide consistent performance.

Example products include protection films and high performance adhesive tape such as Tecman's 15-Vhpb Series.

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