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Restructuring for Growth

Bolstering Operations and Engineering Capabilities

Tecman is currently going through a rapid growth phase as we become increasingly recognised as an innovative end-to-end partner by our customers. 

As new and increasingly complex challenges are faced, we continue to invest in our engineering and technical capabilities, which have become instrumental to delivering the solutions our customers require.

As we enter this new phase in our growth plan, we are rolling out a restructure and recruitment drive across our engineering, technical sales, and operations teams to ensure we have the best resource, skills, and business infrastructure in place to service and support new and existing customers.

The 2023 Outlook

As we begin to implement the organizational restructure, we will be focused on increasing our resource and optimizing manufacturing processes. A recruitment drive will bring new skills and experience into the business, further bolstering our operational and engineering capabilities, increasing our production capacity, and delivering improved levels of manufacturing quality and engineering innovation.

We aim to have the current phase of our growth plan in place by the second quarter of this year. Additionally, we are redeploying skills and resources into critical areas of our business to ensure we are delivering world class support to all our customers. As always, our people and customers remain our top priority.

Improving Quality Standards and Process Efficiencies

This investment will simultaneously improve quality standards and increase our manufacturing efficiencies, ensuring our technical solutions continue to exceed expectations by providing tangible, added value solutions that enable our customers to lead in their field with clear competitive advantage.

About Tecman

Tecman has over 25 years’ experience as an end-to-end manufacturing partner, from engineering concept to high-volume manufacture, developing value-add solutions for multiple industries, including automotive, electronics and wind power. 

With vast engineering knowledge, and expertise in advanced materials and technologies, we deliver innovative solutions that add tangible value to our customers manufacturing and assembly processes.


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